Hailey’s hip-hop show overwhelming

Hailey’s hip-hop show overwhelming

February 25
17:26 2013

Alex Byrd

Staff Writer


The warmth of Hailey’s Club enveloped guests as they escaped the bitterly cold night. The popular hip-hop destination was adorned in pink lights and different colors of people, styles and dance moves, all brought together for one sole purpose of “vibing” out to music.

The “Aero-Circuit” Show Series Thursday night was similar to a plane in flight – highs and unfortunate lows. The Aeronotiqz & Company Clothing in cohorts with the blog, Fly Times Daily, hosted the first installment of their three-city tour. Justin Banks, an Albertson’s assistant manager by day and full-fledged event planner by night, organized the entire musical production

“Our meaning is the science of progression in life through knowledge, diversity, open-mindedness and self-awareness,” Banks said.

With the new “Aero-Winter ’13” collection ready for buyers in the back, the show finally commenced after an intro of “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest, “I Want You” by Common, and a personal favorite, Naughty by Nature’s “Hip-Hop Hooray” with a layer of bounce music spun by Bryan Walker (DJ Red X). Joey Lietchy (Yeah Def) filled in as the DJ with his usual smooth style as well. The UNT 2010 graduate plans to

DJ Yeah Def (Joey Liechty) prepares to spin for the hip-hop artists performing at Hailey’s as the first stop of the “Aero-Circuit” show series on Thursday. Liechty graduated UNT with a computer science bachelor’s degree in 2010. Photo by Christopher G. Lewis/Intern

The comfort of a Denton crowd was apparent in how D. Smiley seemed to feel at home during his performance with his record label, MacBroadz, crew. As the music dropped, Smiley came down the steps and started rapping on his track with the lyrics, “they only hear what they want to,” which set the tone of his new progressive music revival.

Smiley’s stage presence and crowd involvement was night and day compared to the past.  He proceeded to shed light on his family struggles in “Let us Pray,” and “Smoke One” featuring the new MC, CLV. The last song “Ride” featuring Rick Blaine was full of energy, aggression, and verbal slugs.  Rick Blaine’s rapping cadence was very hard-hitting and poignant. That DMX-style of delivery was a nice way to end their set.

The Union and Tawaine Hall were a bit of a disappointment. The Union group of four members said “Union” and made U-shaped hand motions more than providing lyrical content. On the bright side, the performance created a lot of energy for the audience, which is a hard science to perfect. T. Hall is a seasonal musical veteran, but it would be nice to see him not limit himself.

Jaeson Green had a major following as the audience danced to his Nate Dogg singing and rapping fusion, but compared to past performances, he slightly fell short of his potential. Hopefully his future songs will allow him to fully tap into all of his talent.

Billie Gang and David Empy were okay, but were not doing a good job of making distinct music. They need to be different and make music that no one has heard before.

While other artists in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are probably tired of hearing this, Brain Gang was the appetizer, breakfast, lunch, dessert and after party.

Bobby Sessions started the lyrical carnage while dressed in black slacks, dress shoes, a black tie, and white button down. He exuded the opposite of stereotypical black men that enjoy and create boogie music (fast-paced dance music birthed by Dallas) as he mentioned. Sessions’ Brain Gang crew on stage included: rappers, JT Mohlre (JT) and Donovan Payne (K. MC),   production expert X’Zavier Edwards (X) and production and rapper package deal, Brain Gang Blue (Brandon Blue).

Sessions raps as if he is re-living the intense situations and thoughts he portrays through his lyrics. He dramatically and intently stood with the Brain Gang hand gesture placed next to his right eye. For three minutes he stood, like a soldier before battle before his track “James Harper” from his December-released EP “Passion” began. The song begs the question of whether or not you will leave a legacy while on earth. His passion was made quite evident through the chair-tossing, expressive eyebrows and precise wordplay. “Dallas,TX” and “Stephen A. Smith” were well-received by the audience and “Soul Searching” was the most lyrical with the “Sooner or Later” by N.E.R.D. sample within the production.

Henry Etier (Cash’mir) represented Brain Gang well with new music from his “Wait” mixtape released on Valentine’s Day. His music is the epitome of southern rap with accents of slowed down lyrics, chopped and screwed beats, and life in Dallas. Cash’mir’s musical persona is different than the rest of the collective, Brain Gang. His strong-suit is southern charm, charisma, and blunt lyrics with a mild Houston influence which appeals to progressive hipsters that love everything new and hip-hop purists that have a thing for Texas rap.

Brain Gang Blue displayed tenacity, confidence, and excitement throughout his performance, which was amazing to watch. “More Fiends and Friends” and threw up the “H” symbol representing Houston once the Pimp C’s verse came on “Like a Pimp” sample at the end. Blue’s “Party On” remix was perfectly executed with jumping and JT’s succinct rapping delivery. The world should get excited for his new music that he teased the audience with from his new project, “Red, White, or Blue.” It sounds more upbeat than past songs and just may allow him to receive the acclaim that he deserves.

Quality trumps quantity. There were too many acts for one night and even through all of the static, it was clear that Brain Gang once again stole the show. There are no signs of them stopping their lyrical chokehold on Texas.

Hip-hop group The Union performs at Hailey’s Club as the first stop of the “Aero-Circuit” show series on Thursday. Photo by Christopher G. Lewis/Intern

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