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A case for passionate politicians: displays of humanity are needed

A case for passionate politicians: displays of humanity are needed

A case for passionate politicians: displays of humanity are needed
June 09
14:32 2022

From teachers to lawyers to waiters — passion is something everyone owns. For some reason though, it’s always been socially acceptable to draw the line at politicians.

Those who make our laws and represent us are the ones that are supposed to be stoic and not show any emotion. But how is that right? Why should these people who oversee so much, not give a glimpse of what their passion is?

On Wednesday, May 25, Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke rushed to the stage to confront Gov. Greg Abbott during a press conference over the Uvalde school shooting that happened just a day prior. During his confrontation, O’Rourke exclaimed to Abbott “This is on you!” In response to Abbott offering nothing but thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families of the horrible shooting.

There is this idea that politicians must carry themselves in a civil matter — that they should not be too outspoken, and they should not be too emotional — but the display of emotion that O’Rourke showed is exactly what the world needs in its politicians.

It is often said that emotion has no place in politics, a system that decides the very nature of how we live, the laws we have and the structures that have been put into place. But why? Is it because anger or happiness or sadness is frowned upon in our society? Politicians should overcome that and show these emotions toward what they believe in.

Political leaders are meant to inspire and ignite, not just sit back and say that they feel our pain. We need passionate politicians because those are the people who make us want to vote, and they are the people who make us want to participate in the governmental system.

You can’t fully trust anyone who doesn’t stand up for what they believe in, can you?

The simple answer is that we can’t. Trust must be earned, and it’s earned from displaying the characteristics that everyone values: a sense of honesty and a sense of heart. We need passion in our politicians because it’s the only way to know that they truly believe in their cause.

Passion begets passion. If politicians have heart and soul, they inspire citizens to fight for what is right. They inspire people to vote, they inspire people to protest and they inspire life.

There are few politicians as passionate as O’Rourke — the man who constantly undermines and criticizes those who are not willing to protect others — but that does not mean they go unheard and unseen.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is another example of a politician who is extremely passionate about his beliefs. Whether it’s on his views about healthcare or public education, Sanders will scream at the top of his lungs about what he believes in. He is not afraid to show everyone who he truly is, because he knows that it can only do good.

There is also Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts who consistently puts her money where her mouth is and votes for what she campaigns for. Rep.  Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts is another politician who protests and tries to introduce bills that fit what she is passionate about.

Heartfelt politicians are those who are unapologetic. They are those who stand for what they believe in and fight for those who do not have the platforms to fight for themselves.

They give people someone to believe in. We need passion in our politicians so we can believe, so we can have something to fight for and so we can ignite our passions too.

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