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A local conspiracy “realist”

A local conspiracy “realist”

Patrick Burke in front of one of his hand painted messages on the exterior of his home. Alec Spicer

A local conspiracy “realist”
March 22
16:26 2017

Local Denton resident’s controversial message sparks conversation

Less than half a mile away from campus at the corner of Panhandle and Malone sits the easily eye-grabbing home of Patrick Burke. With cryptic messages like “EARTH IS FLAT” and “gravity doesn’t exist” painted on the exterior of his house in bright white and neon colors, it’s no surprise that interest in the man behind the walls is growing.

A graduate of TCU and carpenter/general contractor during the day, Burke, 36, insists he’s a regular guy who just happens to be outwardly passionate about what he believes in.

“I get that some of the things I’m saying seem ridiculous on the surface, but I promise there’s more behind it,” Burke said, “It’s not like I’m saying I think Barack Obama is secretly a lizard or anything wild like that.”

Finding Flat Earth

Although originally from Chicago, Burke moved to Denton from Arlington just over nine years ago after his younger brother enrolled at UNT. However, it wasn’t until Burke got to Denton that he found himself gravitating toward what he refers to as the “flat earther movement.” This self-described enlightenment wasn’t immediate, though, as Burke admits he only began to seriously explore his beliefs fairly recently.

“I haven’t always known about this stuff. I’d say just within the last 2 and half or 3 years is when I really started getting into it.”

While it may still be a relatively new embracement for him, Burke says that the signs leading him to his beliefs were unmistakable.

The unapologetic flat earther attributes the catalyst of this process to when he stumbled upon “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon,” a documentary focused on the validity of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

“I had a hard time believing in the moon landing, to begin with before, but that film is what solidified it for me,” Burke said.

From there, he began casual research on the controversial moment in history until he ultimately discovered YouTube videos made by a man named Eric Dubay. With over 91,000 subscribers and just under 19 million views, Dubay is often credited with leading the modern exposure of what his YouTube bio says is “the new world order.”

The aptly named “Crunch” one of Patrick Burke’s two decorated vehicles. Alec Spicer

“I agree with a lot of the things [Dubay] says, and his information definitely holds the most ground among many flat earthers,” Burke said.

Burke is a nonbeliever of evolution, climate change or a spherical earth. He does believe in God and that the idea of one continuous, flat plane that we’re living on easily corresponds with a belief in a higher power.

“Make no mistake, God and a flat earth are absolutely on a mutual course, there’s no doubt,” Burke said.

Curvature Killer

No concept is as unfounded as the idea of gravity, though, according to Burke. One of the fundamental beliefs of flat earthers is that without a curved horizon when looking into the distance, there can’t be a logical explanation for the existence of gravity.

“If there’s no curve, there’s no gravity. Period,” Burke said. “If you’re six foot two and your feet are on the ground as you’re standing in front of the ocean, there should be a curve in vision, and there isn’t.”

This idea of an absence of curvature isn’t something Burke took into consideration without applied measurement, either.

In fact, after almost a year of studying this, he finally found an opportunity to find out for himself once and for all. On May 112015, with an old telescope he bought at a resale store, Burke stopped by the beach on the way to his cousin’s wedding in Florida.

“I thought to myself ‘this is it,'” Burke said. “If the earth really is flat, everything is about to make sense.”

As he focused his telescope on a pier with a view of about six miles away, Burke was elated to see what he believed to be true for so long, was finally confirmed.

“I was freaking out,” Burke said. “I had finally just found out for myself that the earth is actually flat. It was around sunset too, and it was just a really beautiful moment.”

Regardless of what he believes to be true, Burke is acutely aware of the conversation surrounding his message from skeptics.

“It comes with the territory I think,” Burke said. “I’m about to tell people the earth is flat so there’s obviously going to be pushback.”

Patirck Burke’s house at the corner of Malone and Panhandle is hard to miss. Alec Spicer

That same expectation is what left him unsurprised when he received written complaints from the city of Denton just months after painting messages on his home, spreading beach chairs across his lawn and placing a telescope in his truck bed.

The complaints have to do directly with his “portable,” “non-conforming” signs.

“I had a vision, it was all a theme for how to awaken others,” Burke said. “But it was a theme that was apparently worth $800 in fines.”

Despite the resistance to his efforts of making his message visual, Burke remains a proud Dentonite committed to sharing his knowledge on the subject.

“I feel like this is what I owe to the world,” Burke said. “It’s the reality of it. I’m not theorizing a damn thing and if anything, I’m a conspiracy realist.”

Even with all of the controversy surrounding his views, Burke is optimistic as he regularly welcomes curious Denton locals to stop by for anything they might have questions about.

“Even in just the past few weeks, I’ve noticed more people in Denton seem to be waking up,” Burke said. “Half of them think I’m crazy and half of them are realizing I’m right about all of this.”

Being labeled crazy isn’t something the polarizing yet approachable flat earther spends a lot of time thinking about, however.

And even if others don’t believe him, Burke is perfectly content with believing in what he knows to be true.

“It’s so easy for people to make something like this look insane,” Burke said. “And if I end up being wrong about all of it then go ahead and strap me down and admit me, but I highly doubt that I am.”

Featured Image: Patrick Burke in front of one of his hand painted messages on the exterior of his home. Alec Spicer

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Alec Spicer

Alec Spicer

Alec is the Editor-in-Chief of the North Texas Daily.

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  1. sfmp82a
    sfmp82a March 23, 15:00

    Maybe he will travel to one of the edges of the flat earth and tell us all what he sees beyond the edge. No need to worry about falling off the edge if gravity doesn’t exist.

    Reply to this comment
    • senecore
      senecore June 13, 11:46

      You’ll hit the ice wall surrounding the flat earth plane in all directions. You call it Antarctica which is a another misnomer. There’s only one pole the magnetic north pole with the star Polaris exactly above as it has been for eons. Not possible on a wobbling globe earth tilted 23.5 degrees traveling at 6,000 mph spinning at 1,000 mph, circling the sun and hurtling thru the galaxy. The earth is both stationary and flat. And the people of Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego are happy about flat earth, they aren’t upside down today.

      Reply to this comment
  2. David hicks
    David hicks March 24, 00:27

    This dude is correct. There is no covexity to the surface of water over any distance, and YOU can test it youself. Earth is flat. There’s lots more but that should get those who aren’t completely brainwashed started.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Edlvsjd
    Edlvsjd March 24, 02:33

    Great job waking people up, keep up the good work, anybody willing to do actual research into the flat earth theory eventually becomes a flat earther. It’s just that irrefutable.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Burt
    Burt March 26, 08:33

    Alec. Thank you for your report. It was respectful, unbiased, and non slanted. A rarity when it comes to this subject.

    Reply to this comment
  5. Also Sprach Zathras
    Also Sprach Zathras March 26, 22:30

    The “Scientific Community” has betrayed this pioneer, just because he thinks outside the box of rational inquiry. Burke should abandon his argument for science altogether, and simply base his appeals on the truth of common sense, or divine revelation. After all, what has science ever provided us except smug condescension…and the aqueducts, and roads, and education, and public sanitation, and the wine? But what else?

    Reply to this comment
  6. Barry Howard Begley
    Barry Howard Begley March 27, 12:33

    March 27th 2017

    Mr. Patrick Burke:

    You Sir are absolutely CORRECT in your thinking regarding the very controversial subject of “Flat Earth”. I would challenge any non believer in this modality to simply dedicate 1 day, just one day of their life to honestly look into the “True and measurable Science” of this topic and not the Nasa and Government pseudoscience.
    I have recently written a rather comprehensive book on this topic which also covers other subjects that beg the general population to look into. The book is titled (DECEPTION)2 pronounced “Deception Squared” by Barry Begley. It is available in eBook format and Print format through Amazon worldwide. To locate it simply go to the Amazon website and key into the search window my name. I promise you it is well worth the read and it might just change your life forever.

    My hat is off to Mr. Burke for his courage and dedication in taking a strong and unwavering stance on this matter.

    Barry Howard Begley
    Author of (DECEPTION)2

    Reply to this comment
  7. M B
    M B March 29, 23:12

    Guys, guys, guys. Listen, those NASA and Government folks? Pseudoscience! What you *really* want to do is take advice from Barry Begley, who wrote an ebook. It’s a book, so you know it’s accurate. What’s more, they don’t just let anyone from anywhere put a book on Amazon. What are Barry’s credentials? How does he know things? Eh, just trust him. What has NASA ever done anyway. Let alone physics and math for that matter!

    Reply to this comment
  8. Twiggy
    Twiggy June 28, 19:55

    Huh? So what would be behind the thought that the earth is round? Why would “they” want us to believe that?

    Reply to this comment
    • catfish
      catfish August 17, 22:02

      Twiggy, perhaps the question should be, why did they fake going to the moon? . They had to fake the “proof” of a spherical earth. If they can confuse the masses about creation of earth, they can erase the understanding of God

      John 8:44 (Satan is a liar and the father of lies). If we are not the center of the universe, people will not understand that it was created with purpose, everything is left to chance, Darwinism, and chaos. I don’t know you, but I want you to know this scripture

      James 1:5 If any of you lacks WISDOM, you should ASK GOD, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be GIVEN TO YOU.

      To sum up what im getting at, you must to desperately have the DESIRE TO FIND GOD and he will GIVE YOU all of the information you could imagine, and all you have to do is BELIEVE!!!

      There really is a war for your mind, it’s time to wake up amigo. I have no idea why I wrote this, I never comment on anything public. But as a former atheist, at one time i asked exactly the same question you did. Continue the search for thruth, God bless Twiggy.

      Reply to this comment
  9. Beamarshall
    Beamarshall September 11, 15:52

    if the world was flat, wouldn’t you be able to see London Skyscrapers from the top of tall buildings in new york? Both of them are higher than any wave below the tsunami classification..and the atlantic doesn’t get that many ‘giant’ waves even then.

    Reply to this comment
  10. Pierrot
    Pierrot August 08, 09:41

    If the earth were flat, cats would have pushed everything off of it already.

    Reply to this comment
  11. Stan
    Stan November 17, 08:12

    You all are completely nuts. Just because you don’t understand science is no reason to show how stupid you are.

    Reply to this comment
  12. RealScience
    RealScience February 15, 07:57

    I just came for the comments… lol.

    Reply to this comment
  13. OAE
    OAE April 14, 18:14

    Funny, I have flown across Antarctica many times, been to south pole as well. I never hit any walls.

    Reply to this comment

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