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A reminder that transgender people are human too

A reminder that transgender people are human too

A reminder that transgender people are human too
June 27
08:45 2019

The lives of at least two black transgender women have been taken away this month in Dallas. Eight trans women have been killed in total this year, all of them being women of color.

Despite having more visibility than ever before, the lives of people in the trans community are on the line, and it’s something that everyone should pay attention to — transgender or not.

Muhlaysiah Booker was found slain in the street on May 18, according to the Dallas Police Department. Booker had already been assaulted in April by a group of men in the parking lot of a Dallas apartment complex. In the video published of the incident, you can hear the men yelling homophobic and transphobic slurs as they assaulted her.

The body of Chynal Lindsey was found in a lake on June 1, 2019 and prompted the Dallas Police Department to ask for the aid of the FBI in handling the case. Officials were searching for evidence that the cases were related. In my opinion, any case involving the murder of a trans person is fundamentally related.

The FBI was also contacted to investigate if these incidents should be classified as hate crimes. But, because it’s in Texas and there aren’t laws in place that protect transgender people, it would be hard to make a case for it being a hate crime.

The suspect involved in the case was found with Booker’s phone. He was picked out of the lineup because he was recognized as someone who has picked up trans prostitutes around the area in which Booker’s body was found.

It’s sad, but it seems like the same story, especially if Booker knew and was involved with the person who killed her.

A man kills a trans woman because he’s uncomfortable with who he is or who the woman he is with is. Although not cited as the motive, trans women being abused and even killed by their clients is something that trans women face on a daily basis.

Because there are not provisions protecting a trans person from being fired in many states, sex work is sometimes the only way income can be earned. There’s isn’t a union for sex work, so they are not protected, they have to protect themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not enough, as evident by the numerous headlines that have been published recently.

It might sound obvious, but things must change, and these women should not be subjugated to such senseless violence. No one should lose their life while trying to freely live it. There must be laws in place that protect those who are transgender. These attacks are not something new, this community has been dealing with violence forever because societal and governmental standards have never been in their favor.

Job security, stable housing, and healthcare are three things that transgender people are at risk of losing because they are not protected under the law. These three things would help in making sure sex work is not their only option, they have a place to stay, and if they are hurt or attacked they can get the proper care needed. Trans people are human, they deserve the rights of a human and to be treated as such.

The intersection of race, gender, and sexuality puts trans people, especially black trans women in a dangerous position under the current culture that we live in. Individuals who  relate to something that don’t fit with the norm of society are targeted and they stand out.

These women and numerous more have been killed because they were attempting to live their lives, and it’s different than the idea of life that people consider normal now. That’s something that everyone should be afraid of, no matter their race, gender, or sexuality.

Featured Illustration: Austin Banzon 

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