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‘A Star Is Born’ reminds audiences of what they’ve been missing

‘A Star Is Born’ reminds audiences of what they’ve been missing

‘A Star Is Born’ reminds audiences of what they’ve been missing
October 16
23:03 2018

The 2018 release of “A Star Is Born” reminds audiences of the magical experience going to the theatre is supposed to be. The film brings to life the age-old tale of stardom in a uniquely authentic way that speaks to the core of anyone who has ever dared to dream before. Simultaneously, the film confronts substance abuse and mental illness issues that often stand in the way of those dreams and the ones who hold them through a devastatingly realistic personal lens.

It’s been more than 40 years since the last film version of “A Star Is Born,” starring the well-renowned Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, was released into theaters. Prior to the ’70s remake, the film had already been remade once in 1954 with Judy Garland and James Mason and originally released in 1937 with Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. With two remakes and decades of time past, it was safely assumed the world had seen all it was going to see of “A Star is Born.” That was until Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga collaborated to create one of the most inspirational and heart-wrenching versions the film yet.

Copper, who acted as director, writer, and lead actor on the film, kept with the traditional tale of the past three films, only making minor changes to better suit his newly named characters and time period. Cooper stars as Jackson Maine, a famous country-rock star stumbling through both his life and career as he struggles with an alcohol and drug addiction, and his co-star Lady Gaga stars as Ally, an unknown aspiring singer/songwriter who has been thwarted by the music industry. Eventually the two meet and rescue each other from their harsh realities only to find there are plenty harsher ones that lay behind the evasive curtains of love and success.

By the look of “A Star Is Born,” one might assume a veteran director had been at the head of such a production, but the truth is quite the contrary. “A Star Is Born” is the directorial debut of Cooper. And if this film is any indication of what will come next from him, we are in more breathtakingly beautiful films coming forward. From the use of colored light to enhance emotional scenes and foreshadow indelible actions to the subtle decision to film concert shots from a side stage and backstage perspective, you can see the years and careful planning that went into the creation of the film. The music of “A Star Is Born” was mindfully crafted as well. The soundtrack of the film features a list of songwriters including Gaga and Cooper himself. All of the songs, which were all sung live, are arguably even more important to the motif of the film than the dialogue, especially the song “Shallow,” which speaks the entire two-hour film in less than four minutes.

“A Star Is Born” features some legend actors as well new comers who all tie the movie together beautifully. Sam Elliott, who plays Maine’s brother Bobby, and Anthony Ramos, who plays Ally’s best friend Ramon, are stand out featured actors who help fully develop the lead characters into convincingly whole people. Gaga, another powerful name connected to “A Star Is Born,” catered to Cooper’s vision by stripping down from her normal aesthetic to play a character unlike her day to day. The vulnerability she displayed is stunning and her performance is practically exceptional for her first film. Cooper, who has come extremely far in his career with an impressively developed resume thus far, stands out in this film with his most astonishing work to date. His performance goes beyond acting. Cooper has crafted and become a character who comes off the screen and into the hearts of the audience. Although, the ultimate performance “A Star Is Born” is the chemistry that Cooper and Gaga have created between their two characters. Maine and Ally’s relationship keeps the story true and relatable among all the chaos they endure.

There hasn’t been a film quite like this one for a long time. Perhaps because Hollywood didn’t know if there was still a place for heartbreakingly inspirational films in the world of cinema.”A Star Is Born” has answered that question-there most definitely still is. Besides being in contingence for best film of the year, “A Star Is Born” has earned a more than well-deserved spot next to its peers in a story that can and will hopefully be told again and again for generations to come.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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  1. Tim
    Tim October 17, 01:19

    My wife and I went to the movies last weekend at the invitation of our neighbors and we saw the new A Star Is Born. We walked out saying that we thought the movie was overrated. I thought the music was mediocre, couldn’t hum it to remember it, and my neighbor’s wife thought that Lady Gaga looked like she was acting, except in the scenes where she was being romantic with Bradley Cooper.

    The next day my wife and I watched the Barbra Streisand version on Netficks. We enjoyed the film alot more. The music was alot better and I think Miss Streisand is more of an entertainer.

    We’re looking forward to a copy of Star Is Born with Judy Garland we ordered on eBay next. I think it will be interesting to see the film in the context of a time period where there was no such thing as rehab or the Betty Ford Center.

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