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Age is just a number

Age is just a number

Age is just a number
April 19
10:00 2018

The age old stereotypes about younger girls dating older guys needs to cease and desist.

Of course maturity is an issue, but let’s be frank. Women mature way faster than men. I figure women who date up just want to balance out the invisible emotional scales.

I want to be clear that I am not trying to insult all younger guys, and I’m not saying that every 21-year-old frat boy is immature.

What I’m saying is that it is 2018, and we are all stuck in the middle of the hookup culture era.

People don’t want long-term relationships or marriage anymore.

Young people want to be young and enjoy loads of “no strings attached sex.”

21-year-old guys think relationships right now are too expensive and a waste of time. Disagree if you want, but any woman who’s spent more than a couple of minutes on Tinder knows exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not uncommon for the first message to simply read, “sex?”

I got more thoughtful words from a crumpled up letter thrown at me from the kid across the aisle in kindergarten.

Now the problem with the hookup culture is not the fact that young people want to stay single while they’re in school and getting their lives together. The problem is that young people are getting older, but this mentality is not aging.

This “no labels” mentality is spreading like a stage four malignant tumor into the hearts of millennials and Gen X-ers alike.

So what if you don’t want to have sex on the first date? What if “Netflix and Chill” is not your idea of a good time? What if the guy you like only ever takes you out for ramen and Bud Ice because that’s all sex is worth to him? I say simple solution: date older. There is nothing wrong with dating older.

Think about why people date in the first place — to get to know each other.

Speaking from personal experience, guys from NY dream big and live for opportunity. Guys from Penn State are intelligent and confident of what they bring to the table. Guys from Georgia are laid back and live everyday like it’s a vacation. And after two years here, I’m still figuring out the guys from Texas. Sure, these are shallow observations that merely generalize entire populations of people. But these are my observations and experiences that grant me the knowledge to make an informed decision on whether or not to date older. Older guys know that watching a movie while holding each other’s sweaty palms every time you get together is not going to get you enough face time to learn about one another.

Older guys know that having dinner and watching the sunset on the patio while having a few drinks gives you just enough to do without taking away opportunity for heartfelt conversation.

Unfortunately, younger guys do not have the capability nor desire just yet to be so creative.

This is one of the reasons girls date older guys. Not to betray or insult their peers, but to seek happiness and content within themselves at a certain point in their lives as they mature. Or maybe she just simply is attracted to older guys with more defined features which come from age and experience.

Whatever her reason may be, I think it’s time she stops receiving looks of disgust when she expresses her attraction to an older gentleman or introduces him to her friends and family.

Featured Image: Illustration by Austin Banzon

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Brianna Adams

Brianna Adams

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  1. Shane
    Shane June 14, 18:05

    certain groups seem to favor female tendencies and Mature is a matter of opinion and Playing video games and “burping” et al doesn’t make somebody immature, some people just like to act silly. As for favoring female tendencies it has been said that women have more stuffed animals and get charmed by cute things more than men who someone said seem to outgrow that younger. Stop being bias! besides these are unproven stereotypes. I define being mature as being able to calmly handle crises and distress and for centuries men were the head of the family.

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    • Sam
      Sam November 18, 09:58

      You sound like an anti feminist bigot. Men were not the head of the family because they were more mature but keep telling yourself that. It is the writer’s opinion that playing video games and burping is immature and I along with plenty other people agree. Opinion articles are bias so your point?

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