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An open letter from our new Opinion Editor, Alec Spicer

An open letter from our new Opinion Editor, Alec Spicer

An open letter from our new Opinion Editor, Alec Spicer
October 19
12:50 2017

Last week I was browsing social media when I got a phone call. The North Texas Daily needed a new Opinion Editor.

Up until now, I had not even an ounce of expectation that I would be introducing myself to you as the Daily’s new Opinion Editor, but here we are.

Hello, I’m Alec Spicer (no relation to the guy who worked at the White House).

I’ll be the Opinion Editor of the Daily until the end of the semester. Previously, I served solely as our Social Media Manager, but will now continue to hold both roles through December (insert “get you a man who can do both” joke here), so I’ll still get to scroll through the occasional tweets from people calling us “fake news” when I’m not busy editing columns.

Although this might not have been a position I ever saw myself holding, opinion writing is an old friend of mine. In fact, it’s where I got my start in journalism, as I reviewed albums and films for my high school newspaper. I still to this day cringe when I think about the fact that I allowed someone to title my column “Spicer Spills” back then.

All jokes aside, this position is one that comes with a great deal of freedom — and responsibility.

I am acutely aware that in the midst of the most ideologically and politically divisive times I’ve ever lived in, missing the mark, even in opinion, is not an option. We’ve made some mistakes here at the Daily, but with every misstep, a lesson follows. We always strive for perfection — in every section, every time we hit publish.

While we have been transparent in acknowledging our mistakes, I can assure you they don’t go unnoticed here. Mistakes are a byproduct of the journalism process at any publication, but some tend to forget everyone on staff at the Daily is still a student in the middle of their learning experience.

So what can you, our reader, expect from the new opinion section?

Well, things are changing. We are so fortunate to be a part of a university known for its diversity and open-minded nature, and I think it’s important that our opinion section is a mirrored representation of that. That means both liberal and conservative voices. Both non-marginalized and marginalized community voices. Both journalism majors and non-journalism majors.

We aren’t the only ones with opinions on this campus.

College is a place where so many conversations with differing ideas and opinions are taking place, and you can count on me to focus on equally giving them a platform for my remainder as opinion editor.

It’s important to remember that we aren’t all always going to agree here, but that is exactly what makes opinion writing so enthralling. Just know that I’ve seen and heard your concerns first-hand regarding our opinion section, in every mention and comment, and you can look forward to a revamped section from me and the talented opinion writers I’m excited to have inherited.

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  1. Jb
    Jb October 19, 17:01

    “That means both liberal and conservative voices. ” I hope you stand by this. Looking forward to reading Alec.

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  2. Loves UNT
    Loves UNT October 20, 08:53

    Alec, I also hope you consistently offer both liberal and conservative views, and moderate views as well. I’m a longtime staff member and alum, and I can tell you that there are more conservatives connected to UNT than you think, and they love UNT and don’t want to see it as unwelcoming to them. These conservative staff members, faculty, alumni and students don’t always speak up because they’re called racist, sexist, Islamaphobic, etc., for their opinions and because they voted for and continue to support our president. They are tired of the name calling from the opposite side, so they stay quiet. It should not be that way at UNT. We are better than that. Anyone should be able to express his or her opinions – many of which are deeply held Judeo-Christian beliefs – without being called names. You can help change the climate by making sure that all opinions are equally represented. That is what really good reporters do, which why I’m so disgusted by the obvious liberal bias of most reporters, who are a disgrace to the journalism profession.

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    • Susan B
      Susan B October 23, 08:16

      newsflash, if you’re comfortable voting for and supporting a president like Trump after all he’s done then you ARE racist, sexist, and Islamaphobic

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      • Also Loves UNT
        Also Loves UNT October 25, 14:29

        ….and therein lies the root of Loves UNT’s commentary. Thanks Susan B for the open mind and clearly irrelevant statement.

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      • Loves UNT
        Loves UNT November 07, 10:32

        Susan, you’re reading from the Liberal Script, and those terms have been used so much by the far left that they’re now meaningless. Get deprogrammed, hon. And I would call Clinton far more sexist than any other candidate, because her agenda was basically “Vote for me because I’m a woman.” This woman believes the U.S. deserves someone far better than Clinton for the first female president, and I thank God that she’s not in the White House and will never be.

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