Analysis: student apartments with highest, lowest criminal activity

Analysis: student apartments with highest, lowest criminal activity

Analysis: student apartments with highest, lowest criminal activity
May 03
19:45 2017

Three apartment complexes in the immediate vicinity of UNT have some of the highest crime rates of in Denton, police records show.

Within a mile from UNT, student housing complexes not affiliated with the university have had multiple cases of theft, assault, and drug offense among others, spring 2017 police records show. And while some are close to Fry Street, the area with some of the highest crime rates in town, others are not so easily explained away.

A popular guide for apartment hunters in Denton, Denton College Apartment Source guide book for spring 2017, advertised 39 apartment complexes to prospective residents. These five have the highest crime rates:

Top five apartments with the highest criminal activity

U Centre at Fry Street, located at 1221 W. Oak Street, is the apartment with the highest criminal activity with 14 crimes reported: theft, assault, drugs/narcotics violations and harassment. The majority were thefts. Price rates for this apartment start at $704 per bedroom.

The Ridge at North Texas, located at 2700 Colorado Blvd., had the second highest criminal activity had 11 crimes reported: harassment, theft, alcohol violation, assault, drugs/narcotics violations, theft from motor vehicle and theft of a motor vehicle. The majority were thefts. The price rates for this apartment start at $480 per person.

The Forum at Denton Station, located at 201 Inman Street, had the third highest criminal activity with 10 crimes reported: disorderly conduct, robbery, alcohol violation, assault, drugs/narcotics violations and theft from motor vehicle. The majority were assault. The price rates for this apartment start at $609 per person.

33 Degrees North, located at 919 Eagle Drive, had the fourth highest criminal activity with seven crimes reported: weapon law violation, aggravated assault, harassment, robbery, theft and disorderly conduct. No crime was repeated during the semester. The price rates for this apartment start at $684 per person.

City Parc at Fry Street, located at 1310 Scripture Street, had the fifth highest criminal activity and was the only one in the guide book to only have thefts reported, six during the fall semester. The price rates for this apartment start at $609 per person.

Jackson Chang Apartments, Place to be properties, UNT and TWU housing were not analyzed for this story due to multiple different addresses.

Apartments with no reported crimes

But not all of the apartments had comparable criminal activity. In fact, 10 out of 39 apartment complexes advertised in the apartment guide book had no crimes in the spring of 2017, Denton police records show.

Apartment complexes without crimes reported were Eagle Rock, Greenway Patio Townhomes, Hunt Club Apartments, Oak Court, Quarter Apartments, Lights Apartments, Starlite Apartments, Vendi Place, The Venue and Wolf Ridge Apartments.

The prices for those apartments vary from $519 to $950 per bedroom. All of the apartment complexes in the guide book that cost over $710 had no crimes reported.

“You also have to consider the things that skew those numbers,” Denton police spokesman Shane Kizer said. “You can be shot at, but we see it as no crime if you don’t report it.”

Kizer commented that people might not report crimes in a few neighborhoods due to how often certain crimes happen in that area, or out of fear.

For the crimes that were reported in the community-style apartments, the majority were classified as thefts.

“Theoretically, if you can afford more rent you can afford to have more valuable things in your apartment. More of an attraction for a thief,” Kizer said.

Kizer outlined the safety concerns of living with people you don’t know. Coordinating between three or four students living in the same apartment with different schedules can lead to lower safety standards.

“You have four people living together that don’t know each other, they have their own bedroom and that is their domain,” Kizer said. “They are very bad about walking out the front door and leaving it unlocked. Their bedroom is locked, so they don’t have to worry about it.”

The risk of being arrested for stealing inside of a community-style apartment is lower than in a suburban neighborhood due to the number of people living in the same apartment.

“As a thief, you go around and you check doors, you found one that is unlocked, you go inside, if someone is inside you say, ‘Is Julia here?’, ‘There is not a Julia who lives here’, ‘I must be in the wrong apartment’ and they leave without being caught,” Kizer said.

Featured Image: The U Center apartments has a total of 14 crimes since January. Zoee Acosta

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