Andrew Morris to run against incumbent Lynn Stucky for the District 64 election

Andrew Morris to run against incumbent Lynn Stucky for the District 64 election

Andrew Morris to run against incumbent Lynn Stucky for the District 64 election
August 30
22:49 2017

Andrew Morris, a Democrat, will be running against Republican incumbent Lynn Stucky for the District 64 seat in the Texas House of Representatives.

Morris moved to the United States from Australia in 2008 and became a U.S. citizen two years ago. When he filled out the November general election ballot, he was disappointed to see many of the races lacked a democratic option.

“I realized I was actually in a pretty good position to provide that option and choice for everyone else,” Morris said.

Morris says he has been interested in politics for as long as he can remember. Before committing to Texas 64, he worked with the Wendy Davis’ campaign in 2014, co-founded the Denton for Bernie Sanders Facebook group in 2015 and worked as the campaign manager for Linsey Fagan, a congressional District 26 candidate.

One of the primary issues Morris will be focusing on is the education system. Morris says the optimal student-to-teacher ratio is one teacher for 20 to 27 students. Right now most classrooms are seeing a ratio of about one teacher for 35 students, according to Morris.

“There are huge issues with the way things are financed and part of that means training and retaining good teachers and making sure the student to teacher ratio starts coming down,” Morris said.

Along with lowering the student-to-teacher ratio, Morris wants to tackle payment for teachers.

“It doesn’t make sense to me that you can have someone get a medical degree, or a law degree or an education degree, and that person as an educator ends up being paid far less than their equivalent peers in the medical field or the law field,” Morris said.

Lastly, Morris plans to build vocational training programs and help students explore their different pathways after high school.

 “[I want] the next generation to know that college isn’t the only pathway available to them,” Morris said.

The Texas 64 candidate will focus on other issues such as healthcare. He believes Texas needs to accept the Medicaid expansion as part of the Affordable Care Act.

Morris says he is disappointed with his opponent, Lynn Stucky because he has not been a moderating voice and his handling of the bathroom bill didn’t represent the people of District 64.

Stucky is from Kansas and has practiced veterinary medicine since 1983. He is the former executive director for the Sanger Chamber of Commerce. He has served as the President for the Denton County Medical Association for six years and was a school board member of Sanger Independent School District for 15 years.

Stucky believes his history as the District 64 representative proves he is the best candidate and doesn’t believe anyone should be running against him.

“I’m not being arrogant about it,” Stucky said. “I just think I am because of my history and what I’ve been able to accomplish in my first session.”

Stucky believes immersion in the community is an important part of his job and looks to face the issues of health care, education, transportation and protection.

“I never go in with an agenda,” Stucky said. “I try to go in with an open mind and the ability to listen to the people I represent and hopefully make the right decision that’s in the best interest of the majority.”

The incumbent candidate says he has never met or spoken to Morris but is looking forward to meeting him.

Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha, professor and chair of political science at UNT, thinks Morris will have a tough time winning the election as the district leans more conservative.

“The people who tend to vote in these elections tend to support incumbents,” Eshbaugh-Soha said. “The only way is if something catastrophic happens.”

Morris says he is the best choice for Texas 64 because he is willing to listen, learn and work together with his colleagues. He says it doesn’t matter rather a republican or democrat comes with an idea and is prepared to discuss that idea.

“It’s not me vs. Dr. Stucky,” Morris said. “It’s not Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s not liberals vs. conservatives or libertarians vs greens. It should be us as a collective vs the problems that we face.’

Featured Image: Andrew Morris a United Kingdom native gained his American Citizenship in 2015 and has been in Denton since 2008. Morris is running on his tag line “Pathways and Partnerships” saying that if the public can agree on an end goal we can compromise to get there. Cameron Roe

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