‘Assassination Nation’ displays proper representation of feminine rage

‘Assassination Nation’ displays proper representation of feminine rage

‘Assassination Nation’ displays proper representation of feminine rage
September 27
13:30 2018

“I’m not a bitch, I’m a feminist.”

“Assassination Nation” is the bastard son of “The Purge” who was raised by twisted “Mean Girls” and got simultaneously abused by “Heathers.”

Chaos erupts after a number of malicious data hacks that expose the dirty secrets of residents in the fictionalized American town of Salem, and four close friends must fight to survive the night while also dealing with the hack themselves.

I had some immense expectations for this film because of the absolutely wild trailer, and I can happily say that it very much delivered on the bonkers, bloody and uber violent promises the trailer presented. Its balls-to-the-wall brutal violence, with gallons of blood splashed onto every wall, floor and face in the film. Thankfully all I wanted was a bloody violent wild ride and that is exactly what I got. The action is vivid and intense, and the violence flows thoroughly with the action to deliver some stellar blood-soaked sequences sure to make even the most hardened viewers wince.

If you saw the trailer, you probably guessed what kind of film this is, and it indeed turned out to be just that. The film sets its tone immediately from the jump with a “trigger warning” explaining all of the depraved manic madness that lays within the scenes ahead. From transphobia to toxic masculinity, all of these elements basks in their horrible glory. The tone is fluid throughout the whole runtime and never once seems to let up from its manic depravity, and that is exactly what this kind of film needed.

Leads Odessa Young, Hari Nef, Suki Waterhouse and Abra all deliver excellent performances in their roles, not only commanding the screen together with their chemistry and talent, but also commanding it solo when the opportunity presents itself. And when it all really starts to hit the fan, their chemistry is amplified to an even greater degree. They kick all sorts of ass — and they look completely badass while doing it, too.

The film is led by four women, with a transgender woman, Nef, holding one of those roles. She is not once sidelined, and her character is not defined solely by her identity. It was a great bit of representation, and it only helped to boost up the film.

Writer/director Sam Levinson exemplifies a stark, twisted vision of modern America overrun by technology and bigotry in a way that is immensely topical and unfortunately very resonant in the age we live in. His vision is quite a singular one, and though there are some lines of dialogue that are a bit stilted, Levinson’s his social commentary is certainly a bright spot amongst all the blood shed and murder.

Accompanying the standout direction and unique script is some absolutely beautiful cinematography. The shots are all composed extremely well, and most are simply absolutely gorgeous to look at. However, this is illuminated in a disturbing light by the many shots of blood, weapons and violence, and the imagery of the American flag watching over these vicious murders is haunting.

What deters “Assassination Nation” though, is the inherent lack of subtlety in the film. The town is literally called Salem, and there are some very obvious parallels to the witch trials hysteria. This may not necessarily be an intense blow to the quality of the film, but it certainly seems to slap you in the face with it.

But just like with the violence in the film, if you run with the parallel and accept it, you can surely find yourself having a good, wild time with it.

My Rating: 4/5

Featured Image: Courtesy Facebook 

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