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Campus irrigation shouldn’t spell wasted water

If you’ve spent any period of time on campus, you’ve likely noticed the “Irrigation in Progress” signs posted around the perimeter of various green plots of land beside buildings and

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Time to stop joking about violence

Just in time for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Waverly High School in New York became a small-scale example of America’s views on race and domestic violence. During a homecoming pep

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Mean Green and Obama get their groove back

On Tuesday night at 8 p.m., two seemingly unconnected events took place on American soil. Though they were separated by more than 1,500 miles, the Mean Green football game against

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Upcoming election doesn’t spell progress

Every semester I expound the statistics about racist marijuana laws, the lack of danger when compared to legal drugs, tax revenue losses and costly enforcement on the state and federal

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Debating Rand reveals objective truths

It doesn’t take much to ignite a political firestorm these days. But if there’s one name that remains consistently controversial,

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Student government fumbles football fight

By the time you read this, you’ll probably already know your plans for this evening’s football game against the Ragin’

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Pedestrians should avoid “bike fright”

A monstrous, half-metal, half-flesh beast approaches at inhuman speeds while making various clicking and spinning sounds. Immediately, a primal sense

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Presidential debates jump out of the oven

The questions are ready, the facts have been reviewed, and the appropriate neckties have been selected for tonight’s presidential debate.

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Arkansas serves Southern-fried insanity

You might know the expression, “one’s a fluke, two is a coincidence, and three’s a trend.” Whether it’s a bold

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Administration neglects football program

On Wednesday, the Student Government Association debated on a referendum to ask the University of North Texas administration for the

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