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Best of streaming services: Disney+

Best of streaming services: Disney+

Best of streaming services: Disney+
April 23
14:00 2020

Back in November, Disney launched their new streaming service, Disney+. It has taken the world by storm, allowing viewers to have Marvel and Star Wars at their fingertips. We are going to be diving into a lot of superheros and lightsabers, so if you are not a fan of either, I have also written about the best of Netflix and Hulu for you to check out.

Top three movies

  1. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Back in the beautiful year of 2015, J.J. Abrams directed my favorite Star Wars movie ever. I will defend this movie until the day I die for multiple reasons. Number one, I refuse to accept the fact that the prequels are the Star Wars movies I had to grow up with. There seems to be a new trend where people defend the prequels, but I could never find myself in that boat. Number two, the emotional highs in this movie took me to places the originals movies never could. I understand the original trilogy might be better, but the feeling I had in 2015 when I saw this movie was one of the happiest moments of my life. It is too bad that the next two installments were the most disappointing follow-ups I have ever seen. I know you need to understand the original trilogy, but you can go into this movie knowing nothing and still have the time of your life.

  1. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

Do I finally get to talk about the best MCU movie? In a world where every superhero movie is a crossover, let me take you back to a more simple time. In 2014, James Gunn directed the first movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and three years later the sequel came to be. It is strange how right off the bat I am including two sequels in the list, but this is another one of those movies where you can still be completely invested in the characters and the story without being an expert on the source material. Of all the Marvel movies, this one has the most heart, along with some of the best comedy. The big team ups are nice and all, but the characters in this movie are some of the most well-written throughout the whole cinematic universe. If you want to laugh and cry, while also watching Bradley Cooper voice a raccoon, please give this one a watch.

  1. “Toy Story 2”

It is only right to cap things off with the best Pixar movie. The movies on this list single-handedly put an end to the “it won’t be as good as the original” trope. “Toy Story 2” expands on every positive aspect of the original, except we get more exceptional characters for the audience to fall in love with. I feel like every movie of the franchise is so solid, and there is not a bad Toy Story movie, but this one stands above the others. The message is more clear, with even more development of well-written characters from the first movie. This film is one of the best I have ever seen and I will watch it any day.

Top three shows

  1. “The Mandalorian”

Come on, you knew it would not be a list if Baby Yoda was not in here somewhere. A Star Wars show that is not focused on who is related to who, with little to no lightsabers? Count me in. It is a space western, with Pedro Pascal portraying the bounty hunter. Baby Yoda took the world by storm, and I think there were times he was there just to be cute. He may not have added much to the story in the middle of the season, but the back half of season one has some of my favorite Star Wars scenes ever. If you want to get into Star Wars, but you don’t want to watch 11 movies, check out this show.

  1. “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

Remember earlier when I said I did not want to claim the prequels as the Star Wars movies I had to grow up with? This show can almost redeem the entire trilogy, with its amazing take of what was going on between “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones” and “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.” Characters who seemed annoying are all of the sudden fleshed out and written well. You grow attached to clone troopers that seemed disposable in the movies. There is so much to love here, and you don’t have to be the biggest Star Wars fan to appreciate the passion that went into this show. There is also a new season that is currently still going on, so if you want to catch up, now is your chance.

  1. “The Simpsons”

Arguably the most famous television show of all time, “The Simpsons” does not need much of a description. It’s one of the most simple yet hilarious comedies to ever be put on air. It is such a self-aware show. The comedy rarely misses. The show manages to have characters that are so over the top, yet you know someone like Homer. It’s been airing for what seems like ages. If you need a show to pick you up and make you laugh, I would point you in the direction of “The Simpsons.” It would be a task to binge all of it, but the time you spend watching this show will be time well spent.

Featured Illustration: Austin Banzon

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