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Best of streaming services: Hulu

Best of streaming services: Hulu

Best of streaming services: Hulu
April 18
14:00 2020

Welcome back! Last week I covered some of my favorite shows and movies to watch on Netflix, and this week I am going to be diving into Hulu. I am by no means a television person, but with that being said, I have some entertaining shows I think everyone should watch. On top of that, I am going to try and pick some movies that have come out in the last few years. I won’t waste any more time, so let’s just hop right in.

Top three movies

  1. “Parasite”

2019 was an amazing year for movies, and there is one film in a completely different solar system compared to the rest. Director Bong Joon-ho made one of the strongest movies of all time, while also infusing it with a social message that weaves perfectly throughout the movie. There is a reason this movie took home all the Academy Awards it did, including Best Picture and Best Director. I could not be more happy that “Parasite” is on Hulu because everyone gets a chance to see how perfect this movie is. Normally when a movie first comes out, and it is good, there might be a slight overreaction due to the adrenaline rush of how the audience feels. However, I can assure this movie will hold up for years. Every aspect is perfect, down to the smallest details.

  1. “Sorry to Bother You”

Back in 2018, a movie starring Lakeith Stanfield came out called “Sorry to Bother You.” I saw it over the summer in a relatively packed theater. The movie is a comedy, with a very artistic style, and I thought all was going normal until the twist happened. I am not going to spoil anything, of course, but there is a twist in this movie that caused half of my theater to laugh out loud and clap, while the other half of the theater was disgusted and walked out. Pretty intriguing, right? Well, now you have the chance to go watch one of my favorite movies from 2018, with one of my favorite performances from Stanfield. He had some great roles in “Knives Out” and “Uncut Gems,” so now you can go see where he got his big break from.

  1. “The Art of Self-Defense”

I truly believe “The Art of Self-Defense” was one of the most underrated movies of 2019. It didn’t get a lot of buzz this past summer because people would rather go watch Iron Man Jr. swing around Europe. I can promise you this movie has a lot of the similar aspects of “Sorry to Bother You.” It is a dark comedy, with a twist that takes the movie in a completely different direction than you thought before. Starring Jesse Eisenberg, the movie follows an internally-conflicted man who tries to gain some confidence through a local karate dojo. That is all I will give away because I feel like more people need to give this movie a shot. I loved it and I hope it gets more attention as time goes by.

Top three shows

  1. “Nathan For You”

“Nathan For You” is, without a single doubt, the funniest show I have ever watched. Nathan Fielder pitches a bunch of business ideas to various business owners, and the amount of times this man breaks actual news is stunning. Some of his ideas are absolutely outlandish, yet the people he persuades buy into them so fast. It is like a beautiful mix between “The Eric Andre Show” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” I can’t say much more, so go see how crazy it is for yourself.

  1. “Drake and Josh”

Perhaps my favorite show growing up, “Drake and Josh” is one of those shows I see everyone defend. I remember watching it all the time while I was in elementary school and wondering if that was what high school was really going to be like. Unfortunately, the high school Drake and Josh go to is a little more fun than the one I ended up in, but anyways, you can see the show in its entirety on Hulu.

  1. “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius”

I picked this show for the people who do not want to get invested in much of a story, and they just want a show to watch and be thoroughly entertained. Nickelodeon had all the top-tier shows when I was growing up, and I remember watching all the crossovers with Timmy Turner and playing all the video games. If you want to escape all the stress, and go on a huge nostalgia trip, I recommend revisiting one of the craziest shows I can recall.

Featured Illustration: Austin Banzon

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