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Biden’s stance on immigrant rights is weak and contradictory

Biden’s stance on immigrant rights is weak and contradictory

Biden’s stance on immigrant rights is weak and contradictory
March 03
12:00 2021

Liberal endorsement of Joe Biden as the 2020 presidential nominee was tentative at best. Many felt that Biden was too centrist to properly countermand the damage done by his predecessor, and that he was likely to prioritize compromise over actually carrying out his own campaign promises. Judging by his already abysmal treatment of the immigrants he swore to protect, they were right to be worried.

Arguably one of the most appalling things to come out of the Trump administration was a crackdown on immigration that saw migrant children being separated from their families and incarcerated at exponential rates. These mass incarcerations were followed by a string of allegations against detention centers, ranging from sexual abuse of children, to the withholding of medical services both before and after the pandemic hit, to forced hysterectomies on immigrant women. Toddlers were forced to attend hearings without their parents present to determine whether or not they would be permitted to stay in the country. It should be noted that the practice of keeping migrant children detained was also performed under the Obama administration, of which Biden was vice president.

But Biden was highly, vocally critical of Trump’s callousnesses in regards to immigrant welfare. So why then did he not repeal “Title 42” when signing executive orders on immigration? For reference, “Title 42” is what enabled Trump to deport almost anyone found to have crossed the border illegally. Why, if he genuinely cares about immigrants and is not simply humoring his base, has he reopened detention shelters for children, as New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar and few others were brave enough to ask? Why appoint Cecilia Muñoz, who defended family separations under the Obama administration, to the transition team?

Just because getting Trump out of office was a win, doesn’t mean getting Biden in was. He is too preoccupied with coddling Republicans in the vain hope that they will afford him the same courtesy to worry about his actual constituents, POC, women and queer people who look to the Democratic party for representation and are getting only hollow promises in return for their votes.

What even separates the two parties, if Democrats are so eager to compromise while Republicans remain dead-set against it? We wind up with the same policies in place, policies that enable human rights abuses to continue under the pretense of uniting the nation.

These camps have been proven to be murderous. Women have had their bodily autonomy violated in ways reminiscent of Nazi eugenics programs that were, chillingly enough, inspired by those in the U.S. Children have been exposed to sexual violence. People have been condemned to death by the pandemic, alone and separated from their loved ones.

How remarkably cruel and hypocritical, for some to call this the land of the free and, in the same breath, maintain that our government should retain the authority to torture and kill people for breaking the law. What a thing to try and compromise on.

Human rights abuses are being committed by our government, and the government is claiming that their hands are tied, they can provide no concrete solution to a problem that is, as of this very moment, being perpetuated by them. What a sad excuse for an institution.

Featured Illustration by J. Robynn Aviles

About Author

Rachel Card

Rachel Card

Rachel Card is a junior majoring in public relations and minoring in sociology. She was born in Austin, Texas, and is currently quarantining there with her family and three dogs.

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  1. JD
    JD March 03, 17:00

    “The damage done by his predecessor.” At least you revealed your bias from the start. Journalism is dead.

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