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Black Lives Matter ultimately wants peace

Black Lives Matter ultimately wants peace

July 15
16:30 2016

Victoria Baghaei | Staff Writer


In 1865, a group of Tennessee men looking to overcompensate created a group known as the Ku Klux Klan. They were specifically formed to target and exterminate the “freed man” and those who rallied with and supported them. Meaning that they grabbed any black person in sight and brutally mutilated or murdered them. Hundreds of KKK members would rally up and destroy homes, violently kill children, steal, rape, etc. That is what a violent movement looks like. That is what a violent movement is. And that is not what Black Lives Matter is.

Tragedy struck this weekend in Dallas as a BLM protest came to a gruesome end when a lone sniper shot 12 officers, killing five. Some have begun accusing the Black Lives Matter Movement of this violence since it is sometimes associated with the protest. What people fail to realize is that the people who are committing and supporting these atrocities and do not, in any way, shape or form represent the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Black Lives Matter was not formed on hate or murder. It seeks to represent the need for peace in a ideal judicial system conducive for equality. But because of violent actions of individuals taking matters into their own hands – like the Dallas shooting – some label it as belligerent and selfish. And it is absolutely heartbreaking to hear that this has become the focus on a group that was built on humane intentions.

For example, Christianity or other religions have extremist groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church, but they aren’t made the head news of their situations, nor do we persecute every religion for extremism. A few miscreants don’t represent them all.

Many people who disagree with the movement think that the solution for Black Lives Matter Movement is to just cooperate with the police, remain non-resistant and you won’t get shot. After the events of this past week, that supposition is hard to see fit.

Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer after telling him he had a legal firearm, so the police officer panicked and shot him once he tried to reach for his identification – both of which are perfectly correct under current law.

Tamir Rice was only 12 years old and was shot seconds after the police arrived and pulled up on him. He wasn’t administered CPR, the police officer called it in like it was nothing, even describing him as an adult.

The answer of doing nothing and cooperating doesn’t work, nor is that easy. The fault doesn’t lie with the people, it lies with the officers that are inherently afraid and not properly trained. The ones that pull up to a 12-year-old boy with a BB gun and shoot him dead in a park all because of a 9/11 call expressing uncertainty if the gun was fake or not. The ones that ask for identification and get scared and shoot when the person is cooperating and reaches down.

Some people will never truly know how it feels to be persecuted for hundreds of years just because of the color of their skin. Some people will never truly know what it’s like to look at your 6-year-old nephew and fear that he could  be “justly” killed just because his skin color.

Even if you are not black, you can be empathetic towards what they’re going through. You can try to see why they are upset. You can definitely be there to help them resolve matters peacefully.

Black Lives Matter isn’t asking for blood and thievery. Don’t let the monsters that act, walk and tweet in its name deter you from what the movement truly represents: equality, peace and justice.

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