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‘BoJack Horseman’ gracefully enters its last season

‘BoJack Horseman’ gracefully enters its last season

‘BoJack Horseman’ gracefully enters its last season
October 29
00:11 2019

“BoJack Horseman” entered its last season with a rollercoaster of emotions. In this first batch of episodes for season 6, we’re introduced to a different version of BoJack. A version never shown to the audience before — a sober BoJack Horseman. The show goes as far as skipping its recognizable saxophone intro and is replaced with a montage of him getting involved in rehab, only for that illusion to disappear once the montage is over and BoJack complains about how fabricated the program is. (He almost had me believing in it but realized I still need professional help.) 

The writing crew didn’t disappoint this season. Although the first four episodes seemed to be going at a slower pace, the calm was anything but dull. But I did find myself thinking “Is he going to check out of rehab or not?”

There’s more depth to Todd’s story than had been done previously, but I wish that been done since last season (his asexuality and weird sex-robot creation for his ex-girlfriend weren’t exactly good, entertaining arcs for him.) 

Sarah Lynn’s death, a pivotal point in the show, was brought back up as well, showing that one lie from BoJack led to a close in her investigation. 

BoJack’s demons are set up perfectly and even featured in the show’s new intro. We get a number of flashbacks that show a further glimpse of his awful childhood, humble (I say that very loosely) beginnings as an actor and the role of alcohol in his life. 

He’s always been drinking and it’s been embedded into him through his parents’ dysfunctional ways at a young age. After being asked by his therapy horse when his first drink was, he cracks a joke about always being drunk. That whole episode shows that he’s been drinking so much, that he can’t even clearly remember the first time. And when we find out the reason and are shown that very first time, it’s heartbreaking. 

There’s an overall theme of making amends this season. Princess Carolyn and Vanessa Gekko bond and finally end their (one-sided) feud. Todd and BoJack even rekindle their friendship after three seasons. Mr. Peanutbutter comes clean to Pickles about cheating and (in their own toxic way) try to patch their relationship up. Diane even finds a new partner who values her, and for the first time swallows her pride and takes medicine to help with her depression.

This debunks all the theories circling around about her suicide after last seeing her in season 5. 

Everything seemed to be wrapping up nicely and it warmed my heart. It felt like a proper goodbye to these characters I’ve grown to love. That is until the past started unraveling in the last couple of episodes. 

As usual, the show tackles social issues with a dash of humor. We get to see White Whale buying out businesses and quickly becoming a monopoly (sound familiar?), billionaires having no accountability while a bill passes that allows them to get away with murder and the mistreatment of assistants. 

Hispanic stereotypes are addressed through Todd’s stepdad, Jorge Chavez (voiced by the phenomenal Jaime Camil). And in his own way, he fixes things with his son.

Part 1 ends on a cliffhanger that makes your heart want to jump out of your chest — Hollyhock potentially finding out the truth about BoJack’s toxic actions. 

Overall, the writers have a way of making you want to root for BoJack despite all the damage he’s done, but episode 8 reminds us that we shouldn’t. 

It’s made apparent that this is a season that deals with closure, whether it be because of the show’s cancelation or if this was a natural arc for the characters to take.

Season 6 of “BoJack Horseman” is witty, full of charm and gathered all the elements that prove how important and wonderful this show is. Hopefully, in part 2 we get to see BoJack heal from demons that have tormented him in past seasons. Maybe not gain forgiveness from them, but continue to grow and have accountability. 

My rating: 4.5/5 horse hooves

Featured image: Courtesy Netflix

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