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California’s travel ban now includes Texas, and it isn’t because of LGBTQ rights

California’s travel ban now includes Texas, and it isn’t because of LGBTQ rights

California’s travel ban now includes Texas, and it isn’t because of LGBTQ rights
June 29
09:00 2017

By The Editorial Board

“Don’t mess with Texas” is our slogan for a reason. 

On June 22, California announced its ban of “state-funded and state-sponsored travel” of eight states including Texas. According to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra – who took the originally four-state ban and added Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota and Texas to it – the ban restricts sponsored travel due to “the discriminatory nature of laws enacted by” each state.

Texas, Alabama and South Dakota all passed recent laws which could potentially halt LGBTQ parents from participating in foster care or adoptions. Kentucky, on the other hand, passed a bill allowing students “to discriminate against classmates based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.” According to CNN, the only exception to the ban is travel for “grant funding” purposes or for “auditing collections.”

Although Pride Month comes to a close this week, we find it hard to believe that California is targeting certain states solely out of malice for how they’ve treated LGBTQ constituents. As far as our very own Texas goes, we’ve feuded with California for a long time – and not over equal rights.

On Dec. 12, 2016, multiple sources revealed Texas Gov. Rick Perry was President Donald Trump’s top pick to be the new U.S. energy secretary. Two days later, Perry’s rival, California Gov. Jerry Brown, claimed his state is “growing a hell of a lot faster than Texas” during a climate change defense in San Francisco. According to Politifact, California has the tenth highest job growth in the United States, although Texas has “outpaced California” in the past and still maintains higher employment rates.

Of course, the psychology behind Texas and California’s feud goes far beyond its governors’ chagrins. In addition to being the two largest states in the nation through population size, each one has “large immigrant populations, long coastlines, a border with Mexico and abundant energy reserves” – as cited by an excerpt from “The 5-Minute Economist.” Toss in the fact that Texas is more conservative and a cheaper-place-to-live, and you have the perfect sociopolitical atmosphere for administrative snipe-fests.

If anything is crystal clear about these events, it’s that California is taking away travel rights from its citizens to cripple the employment growth of its rivals. Rick Zbur, the Executive Director of Equality California said the affected “states are completely out of step with the values [making] California the economic powerhouse that it is.”

We call bull.

It’s not California’s business how other states handle their legislation, or how their citizens would like to escape ridiculously high taxes for more cost-effective paradises. According to The Los Angeles Times in 2015, “Californians pay about 40 percent more in taxes” than the average American pays. Topping off matters is how most of that tax money goes into transportation, not improvements to their highway systems – three of which were ranked by the Congress for the New Urbanism among the ten most unsafe and polluted highways in the nation.

Sure, Gov. Brown’s bill to fix his state’s roads was approved in April and goes into effect this November. However, it’s a $52 billion plan complete with a “12-cent-per-gallon gas tax hike.” Therefore, the travel ban only makes life harder for Californians now that they will be paying more taxes for roads as well as their living situations.

While the targeted states have certainly made morally repugnant bills, those are their own crosses to bear, including Texas.

By that same token, California continuously proves to be the quintessence of liberal hypocrisy run amok. Its leaders are so eager to keep constituents in with such a Stockholm Syndrome idealism that they’re endangering the finances and occupational pursuits of over 37 million people. Their legislation should be influenced by what rival states are accomplishing better than them.

Currently, the best-case scenario is for the opposing states to continue being vocal. It’s saddening that we’re technically upholding prejudicial legislation, but all states need to work on encouraging citizens to be who they are and go where they want to go.

And California needs this rude awakening the most.

Featured Illustration: Samuel Wiggins

About Author

Preston Mitchell

Preston Mitchell

Preston served as the Opinion Editor of the North Texas Daily from July 2016 to July 2017, and is a UNT graduate of integrative studies.

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  1. J Hamilton
    J Hamilton June 29, 17:56

    I don’t understand defending Texas, pretty indefensible.

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  2. Proud Trump supporter
    Proud Trump supporter June 30, 12:16

    Preston, there is nothing “morally repugnant” in trying to give children in the foster care system and children whose biological parents cannot care for them the best advantage. And research has overwhelmingly shown that children are healthiest emotionally when they’re raised in a home with a caring male parent or male parental figure, and a caring female parent or female parental figure. Therefore, a bill limiting these children, who may have been abused or neglected by their biological parents or suffered trauma with both parents dying, to being adopted or fostered by a male and female couple is very moral, because it’s thinking in the best interest of the children. You really do need to stick to writing about pop culture because you lack critical thinking skills. But I absolutely agree with you that California is liberal hypocrisy run amok, which is big reason why it’s in financial trouble. Companies are not going to want to have their headquarters in a state that is so rigid in insisting that liberal points of view are the only points of view, and leaves no room for conservative and moderate points of view.

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