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Christians who support Trump are an embarrassment to the Christian faith

Christians who support Trump are an embarrassment to the Christian faith

Christians who support Trump are an embarrassment to the Christian faith
November 20
12:00 2020

I grew up in non-denominational churches, so I am quite familiar with the values of the Christian faith. The entire religion revolves around the life of Jesus Christ, a man who lived to serve the poor, uplift victims of injustice and inspire unity. The year of 2020 has seen thousands of Americans slip into poverty and others have become disillusioned due to the racial and political climate. 

Throughout Trump’s presidency, he did not lead with compassion and inclusion as Jesus did. Instead, he perpetuated America’s problems with his divisive rhetoric. He’s alienated minorities, members of the LGBTQ+ community and anyone who poses a threat to his own agenda. Christians who support him are blatantly refusing to hold him to the standards the Bible requires them to live by.

Before launching his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump lived a less than holy lifestyle. In the 1970s, he was accused of discriminating against Black and lower-class renters. The FBI interviewed a former doorman from one of Trump’s properties, who told them Trump would make Black tenants rent twice the price of a white tenant’s. Later in 1987, Trump himself said he did not want to rent to “welfare cases,” cementing his disdain for low-income citizens.

That was not his only instance of prejudice and racism. In 1989, he took out a full-page advertisement in multiple New York City papers, calling for the death penalty in response to the Central Park jogger case. The ad significantly influenced the public’s negative perception of the young boys, whose case was riddled with misconduct and racial biases. 

The five accused served a significant amount of time in prison before they were found innocent and exonerated. With their ages ranging from 14 to 16 when they were accused, they all suffered irreversible physical and emotional trauma from their undeserved time in jail. Whether or not Trump meant to fuel the malpractice involved in the case, he still refuses to apologize for the advertisement’s indisputable role — even as the nation continues to learn the extent of misconduct involved in the case.

Although these transgressions occurred many years ago, the ramifications still remain. Biblical text harps on humility, fairness and willingness to admit when one has committed a wrongdoing. All Christians are called to confess their sins and those who fail to do so are not in line with God’s will, according to the Old Testament book of Proverbs. Why do Christians allow Trump, an influential world leader, to be the exception?

Perhaps Christians were not completely aware of Trump’s tumultuous past, or they had faith he had somehow changed his ways. His single-term presidency proved he did not rise to the occasion, and the 2020 presidential election offered Christians an opportunity to revoke their support. Nevertheless, 72 percent of evangelical Protestants support Trump and believe he is doing his job well, according to a 16-day Pew Research Center survey that began on June 6. 59 percent of the evangelical Protestants who support Trump strongly approve of his methods, according to the same survey.

During his four year term, Trump has contradicted another major Christian concept that all people are created equal and worthy of equal opportunity. In a 2013 tweet, he dismissed the thousands of sexual assault cases in the military as simply what happens when men and women work together. In May 2018 during a Whitehouse discussion, he dehumanized immigrants by calling them animals. How can Christians fervently support a man whose rhetoric consistently proves he does not see the value of human life as God does?

Christians who support Trump are hypocritical and do not truly embody what it means to be a follower of Christ. Biblical teachings provide examples of Jesus defending marginalized people and selflessly showing love, even to his opponents. The Bible calls Christians to live a life as Jesus would and Trump has not made a discernable effort to come close to that standard.

The Christian faith, no matter what denomination, is staked in the belief that grace, justice, selflessness and honesty will bring one closer to God. Trump’s single-term presidency constantly contradicted the morals Christians vow to live their life by. Christians who unwaveringly support a man who does not embody Christ-like behavior are allowing their hypocrisy to hinder their credibility, and are an embarrassment to the Christian faith.

Featured Illustration by Olivia Varnell

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Rhema Joy Bell

Rhema Joy Bell

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  1. Wondering
    Wondering December 11, 14:31

    Ye without sin, cast the first stone!!!

    It doesn’t mean that Trump hadn’t changed n tries to lead a Christian life. Not everyone is as perfect as you are. Jesus even forgave the woman at the well who was a prostitute ! Trump is the only president who finally proclaimed Jerusalem as Israel s capital. Is he rough around the edges? Yes indeed! Does he speak no resent himself as past presidents? No, thank heavens bc he’s not a politician. The American people knew what he was before we voted him in office n still trust him n want him as our President of these USA 🇺🇸. That’s why we want an honest election. We want to fight for our constitution. It’s evident you do not understand or you would have never bought up past sins. If you look at the long list of accomplishments for the American people he has made you couldn’t help but be thankful. Even though he has had to fight tooth n nail as he shouldn’t have had to, he met every promise made to the people of America, plus! I believe God is using President Trump in a way many do not understand. I thank God for my salvation through Jesus Christ n for President Trump.

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  2. The bird
    The bird December 14, 15:16

    Whoever wrote this article about trump and christianity must be a real pharisee.I have seen trump grow in a spiritual way way since he first became president The Lord is working in his life.He has stood up for what we believe are christian values ,such as no abortion.The lord says that is an abomination.Nobody has any part in christianity if they think abortion is ok.He is like everyone else chri or no christian,he has good, bad and .ugly so I would suggest the person who wrote this look at themselves through Gods eyes.

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  3. Mary
    Mary January 02, 18:47


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  4. Donnie4212
    Donnie4212 January 07, 08:22

    Spot on! Thank you!

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  5. Bandy
    Bandy January 09, 23:47

    If you support the Democratic policies then you my friend have no right to question anybody’s else on their Christian faith because you clearly don’t follow the Bible. Everything that the Democratic Party stands for is an abomination to the Lord!

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  6. JHM
    JHM January 17, 22:15

    I had a friend try to convince me that President Trump was ordained by God to be our leader and prophesied to be the president. He was somehow trying to say President Trump was a man of God. If President Trump is an example of what Christians are all about, I don’t want to be Christian.

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  7. Kathy Anderson
    Kathy Anderson January 18, 15:26

    Thank you! I have marveled over Christian support for such an un-Christian leader. Your discussion spoke to my heart.

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  8. Tell the truth, shame the Devil
    Tell the truth, shame the Devil January 24, 12:30

    It’s a mystery to me how so called Christians and Preachers, Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffers, Jim Baker etc. can uphold an adulterer, a racist, a LIAR, a thief, a misogynist, a man who mocks a disabled person, a man who took his great nephews health insurance away and the little boy had MS, Trump took it away because he was mad at the little boys Father. The list is endless. I would hate to be Donald Trump on judgement day and the people who support such an evil, hate filled, spiteful, bully, vengeful man who is jealous of John McCain, the 16 year old girl that won the prize Trump wanted and anyone who said a decent word about anyone but him. He is sick to the core, just rotten, an as for his followers you can fix ignorance, but dumb is forever.

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