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Confessions reveal college’s darker side

Confessions reveal college’s darker side

March 04
22:54 2013

The “UNT Confessions” Facebook page has recently cast a light on the stupidity, sexual exploits and homophobia of some students at UNT. At the very least, it doesn’t make us look too good, and hopefully most of the people are joking. At the worst, it makes us all look pretty terrible.

The UNT Confessions page currently has more 3,000 “likes.” Here’s a sample of the page’s description verbatim: “UNT what happens that not everyone knows or sees? TOTAL ANONYMITY! Submit confessions here.”

Then a hyperlink leads you to a webpage on Google Docs that demands students to, “Confess your deepest secrets about happenings on UNT, such a quite [sic] school, it has to have its dark side!”

Presumably students are expected to fill in the empty space with their “secrets.”

The page has occasionally discussed weighty subjects such as suicide and depression. But those are few and far between, and they’re honestly better suited for a hotline (1-800-273-8255) or a text chat on a site like The Confessions page thrives on other things. Say maybe a little racism or bigotry.

“I’ve been here three years and still feel invisible to a certain degree. Maybe that’s why I’m covered up all the time. The last time I wore shorts, some dude sped by on Fry Street and yelled the N-word at me,” said another confession.

Undecided freshman Hunter Mathis replied, “I don’t think you wearing shorts had anything to do with someone calling you a n—–.”

“The amount of f— at UNT is too damn high,” somebody confessed, apparently using their anonymity to express disdain with the number of homosexuals at UNT.

It is a little more suitable for crass things, like when Timothy Farrar told a commenter that “these slam pieces ask for it,” during a discussion about a lack of chivalry among students.

A slam piece is a woman a man keeps around for strictly sex. The woman he was replying to just so happened to be his mother.

I mentioned sexual exploits, and here are some of the most absurd. Hopefully these confessions are completely anonymous.

“I’m sleeping with my chemistry T.A. and she told me if anyone ever found out then she would fail me.”

“One of the best places to have sex is on the 4th floor of the library. But watch out, sometimes there’s an old man there watching porn.”

Are these people joking or serious? Who knows—the thin veneer of anonymity welcomes skepticism.

However, joking or not, as the letters UNT are associated with the comments and their confessions it makes those associated with the university look like heathens.

We’re all students, and most of us are not Mother Teresa. I’m certainly not, but such content should not be associated with the university.

H. Drew Blackburn is an English senior. He can be reached at

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