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Criticism and praise for GOP’s top goals

Criticism and praise for GOP’s top goals

Criticism and praise for GOP’s top goals
September 25
00:16 2014

At a Republican Party gathering at the Denton County Election Administration last Thursday, Texas Senator Jane Nelson, who represents District 12,rallied the attending Republicans to vote in Denton County.

Nelson laid out the top five reasons why we must vote Republican.

5. Education

Money is always the origin of thought when talking about education reform. It should not be so. And Nelson, a former teacher and new Chair of the Finance Committee, said she will spend any amount necessary on education, but “won’t spend a penny more.”

Nelson’s stance on the funding is an important one, because efficiency should be the primary concern in education. Pouring money into education is not the way to sustain a future of successful and educated students in any situation. But there must be a satisfactory amount of spending to ensure all students get the proper amount of attention.

According to the Texas Education Agency, in the 2013-14 school year more than 5 million students were enrolled statewide. In the prior school year, the last year the data is available, Texas spent $53.3 billion on education, $10,549 per student.

Texas Representative Pat Fallon of District 106 co-authored a bill that reduces the number of standardized tests from 15 to five. That’s an action that should be more widespread in the entire nation, because standardized testing does not produce the best students. And in an ever-competitive national business climate, Texas must lead the way. Everything starts with education.

Cutting strings from the federal government needs to be more of a priority. Most conservatives, like Nelson, oppose universal education. Expect the legislature to make moves on education in the upcoming term.

4. Protect the Texas Miracle (business)

It’s well known that thousands of people move to Texas each year in search of better jobs and a more promising future. Conservative ideals transfer to the free market economy Texas is widely known for.

Over the next two years, Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, will move its North American headquarters from California to Plano, Texas. The move is expected to bring 3,000 employees to the region. A Dallas Morning News article recently reported that North Carolina business recruiters offered $100 million in incentives to Toyota if it were to move to the state.

While business is an important issue to take a stance on, Nelson neglects to mention that it’s government oversight and involvement that is connected with business failure. Whichever politicians elect to stay out of the way of private sector business should have the most support.

Politicians should only have a hands-off approach when handling business affairs, for it is the private sector that drives any economy.

3. Improve transportation

President Obama has repeatedly proclaimed that the country needs to improve its infrastructure, making it a national priority.

The state’s airports, highways and seaports must be updated as well. Funding allocated to improvements should increase to keep the state modern.

Gas taxes should be used solely to build and repair the infrastructure. Lawmakers in Texas have procrastinated too long with the transportation issue and now time is running out.

With an influx in population comes a more stressed infrastructure that soon will no longer support the state or its travelers.

Drive around Denton and you’ll find bumpy roads that should be improved. If Nelson’s transportation goals aim at reconstructing unfixed roads, she should have the support of any Texan. But if they do not find other ways to fix them, alternative politicians should replace Nelson and company.

2. Border Security

She said her “heart aches for those kids” crossing the U.S.-Mexico border who are being sent back to their home countries, as the U.S. is no longer greeting them with amnesty. Although she sympathizes with the families, the Republican policy, she said, is to close the borders.

According to one of her handouts, from October 2008 to July 2014, more than 203,000 immigrants were charged with crimes, including violent offenses, in Texas. It’s obvious that each of those individuals cost the state — and the feds — money. Money that could be spent elsewhere — like on education.

But it’s not just an immigration crisis. It’s fast becoming a humanitarian issue for this country. Texas’ policy on the issue should be to encourage movement to the state, because, as many Americans who have come to Texas from other states since the economic downturn have shown, Texas can support a larger economy. All said, the state does need to better fortify its borders.

Nelson and the lawmakers should strengthen the borders, increase security presence and work with federal legislators to reconfigure the naturalization process, as it is long and unhelpful for those seeking citizenship in the country.

1.Keep Texas Red

In order for her previous four reasons to be validated, Texas must remain red, but the Senator neglects that focusing on party lines is never positive for any citizen.

It’s important to consider that Texas politics are controlled by Republicans (not necessarily conservatives). In order for candidates to get elected, they must run as Republican — while some are liberal. Liberal Republicans offer other solutions, so remember that the left is largely represented in Texas through the Republican right.

The state is largely conservative, and has been for years. But to keep the balance in Texas, the pendulum must swing once again. It should be on voters’ minds that party dominance is harmful to a state’s policies and creates too many “inside” politicians.

Keep the bureaucracy out of public schools, guard citizens from an unchecked border, keep travelers safe and maximize efficiency with transportation reform, and do not fall into party nonsense. 

Dalton LaFerney is a Senior Staff Writer for the North Texas Daily. He can be reached at

Featured Illustration by Jake Bowerman – Senior Staff Illustrator

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