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Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’: Shining star or dissipating flash of light?

Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’: Shining star or dissipating flash of light?

Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’: Shining star or dissipating flash of light?
July 08
18:00 2021

As a newer performer in the spotlight, leaving a good first impression is important to creating a fanbase. And, it’s equally important to put on a good show to entertain fans and leave them wanting more. It’s always exciting to look through the discography of new performers, and although Doja Cat has been in the game for a little while now, listening to her new album “Planet Her” was no exception.

I will admit, the first song I heard from her didn’t leave much to be desired. That song was “Mooo!” and when I first heard it, I didn’t care much for it and I still don’t. After hearing the song, I hoped it was a fluke that wouldn’t see the light of day again, and although that is not the case, she has redeemed herself in my books since then. Before reviewing “Planet Her,” I went through and listened to her previous albums and her EP and was pleased with what I heard.

I’m also glad we’re getting an increase in representation of women in rap, showing they can be just as good as (if not better than) their male peers in the genre. I love rap music, but it’s certainly had its struggles with representing women and depicting them in ways that are humane and not degrading.

I will be going through the album track-by-track to see where it stands quality-wise as a whole and individually. Without further ado, let’s jump in.


On the opening track, Doja Cat musically celebrates the wonderful things women are capable of, from creating life to being strong, powerful and confident. She even brings up the sad truth regarding how women are pitted against each other in society, specifically the music industry.

As an opening track and on its own, “Woman” provides everything one would hope for, from well-written and thought-out lyrics to fantastic Afrobeat production and excellent vocals from Doja. I could see this becoming released as a single as well as the song being a classic feminist anthem that can be enjoyed by everyone. 5/5


On this track, Doja tells the story of a woman who’s met the man of her dreams, how she sees herself marrying him and the ways she wants to show him how much she loves him. As a song, Doja’s vocals are smooth, the production’s great and this is another excellent song on the album so far. 4.5/5

“Payday” featuring Young Thug

This is the first song I’ve come across that I don’t love. While the beat is somewhat solid and serves as nice background music, this will probably take a while to fully get into. While it’s so far the track I have the least desire to return at the moment, it may grow on me. We’ll just have to see. 3/5

“Get Into It (Yuh)”

Oh my. Going through this track wasn’t easy to do. While the beat on here is pretty solid, Doja’s vocals can over stay their welcome pretty quickly. The way she delivers some of the lines makes them hard to figure out, and if it wasn’t for me checking them on Genius, I’d have a harder time figuring out what the heck she was saying. It doesn’t help that a lot of it sounds like a bunch of incoherent, random nonsense that makes little to no sense. I honestly see myself likely skipping this one as well when returning to the album overall. 2.5/5

“Need to Know”

When it comes to songs about getting intimate with the love of your life, this song’s decent in that department. The production’s solid and Doja’s vocals sound nice. While I’m not sure if I’ll be replaying this song a lot, if I heard it, I wouldn’t mind. 3/5

“I Don’t Do Drugs” featuring Ariana Grande

When I was reading through the features on this album, there were two collaborations I was looking forward to, with one of them being Ariana Grande. Maybe it’s cause I’ve been familiar with the featured performer for over ten years now, but generally if something has Ariana Grande’s name on it, I’ll likely enjoy it.

While I’m usually not the biggest fan of the metaphor of comparing one’s love to drugs since it’s been overused I question the validity of one’s attraction to a person if their feelings are comparable to dangerous narcotics, but the song is solid. The production’s great, Doja and Ariana both deliver with their vocals and the lyrics are well thought out. I could see this being a single, as well as a song that’ll be replayed when I return to this album. 5/5

“Love to Dream”

On this track, Doja tells the story of her ex, their relationship and how it fell apart because he felt he wasn’t getting enough attention from her. This ends up leading to Doja questioning her qualities as a girlfriend and how she wants to try to make things better. Either way, they end up breaking up, and while they’re still on good terms, Doja misses the good times they had together and feels bad about how things took a turn in the relationship. This track is excellent from its production to Doja’s vocals and the lyrics. 4.5/5

“You Right” featuring The Weeknd

Considering this was the first time I’ve heard this song, it’s decent. Doja and The Weeknd work together on the song vocally and they have natural chemistry while performing. This isn’t exactly surprising, as we’ve already seen the pair work together flawlessly on “In Your Eyes” on The Weeknd’s latest album. While “You Right” wasn’t my favorite on the album, it is one I could see growing on me. 4/5

“Been like This”

The song is decent with solid production and Doja sounding nice on a song about a relationship that’s not turning out the best and may end with a breakup. 3/5

“Options” featuring JID

This song’s definitely a lot of fun with a bouncy beat, Doja’s smooth crooning, JID’s solid contributions and the underlying story of a couple who are together and the options they have for things they can do for fun. 4.5/5

“Ain’t Nothing”

The production’s solid and Doja’s vocals sound nice, but the song doesn’t do much for me, and I’ll likely forget soon after listening to it. 3/5


On this track, Doja reflects on the hard work she’s done to get where she is in the music industry and how it’s paid off since she’s getting to live out the life she’s wanted to have for a while. With a nice beat, Doja’s vocals and the relatable concept, this song definitely has its moments. 3/5


The song’s decent overall with solid production, Doja’s vocals being on point and the topic being relatable. 3/5

“Kiss Me More” featuring SZA

As the final track on the album and on its own, this song’s pretty solid. The production is excellent, Doja Cat and SZA both sound great on the song and the lyrics discuss how much they enjoy kissing their significant others. The song’s overall a lot of fun. 4.5/5

Overall, this has been a pretty solid album from Doja Cat. I’m not sure if I’d say this or “Hot Pink” is her best album yet, but they are both solid projects I can see myself listening to again. I see lots of potential in Doja Cat and I know she has a long and successful career in her future. I hope she continues providing excellent music and continues making the art she’s passionate about.

Final album rating: 4.5/5


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