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Donald Trump Jr. to be paid $100,000 for UNT Kuehne Series speech

Donald Trump Jr. to be paid $100,000 for UNT Kuehne Series speech

Courtesy of UNT

Donald Trump Jr. to be paid $100,000 for UNT Kuehne Series speech
August 31
18:04 2017

UPDATE: 5:00 p.m. Sept. 1

UNT Spokesperson Kelley Reese commented Friday on Donald Trump Jr. speaking at UNT’s Kuehne Speaker Series, saying the university welcomes and supports differing points of view.

“As a university, we present a number of speaker series,” Reese said. “We bring a wide array of speakers and events into the institution as part of our educational mission.”

Reese said the series has the aim of presenting timely and stimulating perspectives on the world in regards to national security, the economy and topics of interest to the university.

Reese also noted the Kuehne Speaker Series is supported by donors and the payment for the event does not include state appropriations or student tuition and fees.

Donald Trump Jr. will be paid $100,000 to speak at the University of North Texas’ Kuehne Speaker Series on Oct. 24, according to executed contracts between UNT and Trump Jr. obtained by the North Texas Daily through a public information request.

The university has not yet executed a contract for the venue, although the contract lists the location as AT&T Stadium.

Click here to read the full contract between UNT and Trump Jr. 

The Kuehne Speaker Series is supported by private donors and sponsors, including the Office of the President and over 20 other UNT institutions. The series’ website states it was established to provide a forum to engage in conversation about topics of national and global relevance.

Trump Jr. will mark the first speaker for the 2017-2018 year for the Kuehne Speaker Series. The other guest for this year is Melissa Francis, who is an anchor and host for the FOX Business Network and FOX News Channel. She has spoken at the series in the past and will speak in March 2018.

Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Donald Trump, will be speaking at the event for 30 minutes, followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. The contract includes stipulations for Trump to attend a dinner on Oct. 23, a V.I.P. breakfast and photo op the next morning and a V.I.P. reception and photo op before his speech. Questions for the Q&A will be provided to Trump Jr. ahead of time.

UNT could not produce documents regarding sponsors of the 2017-2018 series at the time of this story.

The university contributed a total of $132,500 for the 2016-2017 series as sponsors.

According to the contracts, along with his payment, Trump Jr. will receive lodging, meals and travel accommodations on behalf of UNT at a maximum total cost of $5,000.

Featured image: Donald Trump Jr. Courtesy of UNT

About Author

Sarah Sarder

Sarah Sarder

Sarah Sarder is the Senior News Writer for the North Texas Daily.

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  1. MeanGreenMBA
    MeanGreenMBA August 31, 20:26

    Ashamed my alma mater would go here. Regardless where the $100k comes from, why associate with this toxic family in any way? Very polarizing move…alumni donations cease on my behalf.

    Reply to this comment
  2. gnostic19
    gnostic19 August 31, 21:39

    Does anyone have a problem with this…?

    Reply to this comment
  3. Pjefferies
    Pjefferies August 31, 22:18

    And so ends my alumni contributions. That was quick.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Lois
    Lois August 31, 22:19

    Surely, you jest !
    Can you not find anything more productive at UNT than pay $100,000.00 to Trump. I am so disappointed in your decision to pay this outrageous amount of money.

    Reply to this comment
  5. Louie
    Louie August 31, 22:42

    Why Unt ? Why ?

    Reply to this comment
  6. Mnichols_2
    Mnichols_2 August 31, 23:21

    Why is UNT paying for a speaker nobody wants? I am a graduate of UNT and am ashamed that the university is paying this much for a speaker that stands for discrimination and the hate his father spews (that he wholeheratedly agrees with). Shame on you UNT. Listen to your students and faculty. Nobody wants this.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Onager
    Onager September 01, 05:25

    Does UNT not know its audience?

    Reply to this comment
  8. Lauren
    Lauren September 01, 05:52


    Reply to this comment
  9. BR549
    BR549 September 01, 07:24

    Well, this is a red state:(

    Reply to this comment
  10. Dr. Michael Brunson
    Dr. Michael Brunson September 01, 07:52

    Dear North Texas Daily, It’s outrageous and wrong that my alma mater UNT (NTSU in my day) would begin its Kuehne speaker series with a man (Trump Jr.) implicated in the ongoing investigation of Trump’s collusion with the Russians to win the presidency, in part through finding dirt on Clinton. A rich elitist who appears to care little for our struggling citizens, I’m doubtful his 30 minute scripted speech will provide any additional information beyond support for his narcissistic and psychopathological father, who is actively working to destroy and set back years of bipartisan government efforts to protect our environment. This ‘president’ appears to support and enable white supremacists, sexual offenders, alt-right conservatists, anti-science folks, and other such toxic groups, and his son has been consistent in his support for his father. UNT has forever lost the support of this alumnus, and I can only hope that others may disagree with this speaker series selection process, and what it says about UNT’s role as a critical source of scientific research and progress. Sincerely, Dr. Michael D. Brunson, Heber City, Utah. UNT/NTSU 1980 BA Psychology (Summa Cum Laude).

    Reply to this comment
    • Loves UNT
      Loves UNT October 10, 08:49

      You have absolutely no proof that our president – and he’s YOUR president too – does any of the things you accuse him of doing, and there’s also no proof that any of his children do these things. The Clinton News Network has brainwashed you in believing in the “Russian collusion,” which is utter crap that was fabricated by egomanic, immature losers. Please get deprogrammed. Watch a Donald Trump rally on Fox News Channel. Watching OUR president interact with Americans of all races, genders, ethnicities, etc. will lift your spirits. And the fact that you had to use your “Dr” title shows me what a self-absorbed egotistical person you are. My dear FIL has a PhD, but he’s just “John.” He doesn’t need a stinking fancy title!

      Reply to this comment
      • Tat
        Tat November 18, 18:09

        And you have no proof there is any such news network named clinton news network…furthermore no one here cares about your dear FIL’S erectile dysfunction so please keep that stinky problem to yourselves……

        Reply to this comment
  11. Tired of snowflake overreaction
    Tired of snowflake overreaction September 01, 08:00

    Why is this news? Those of all political ideologies should be invited to speak at UNT, and if donors give money to pay for them to speak, that’s the donors’ business. Not anyone else’s. No one is forced to give money to the Kuehne series, and it’s not paid for by student fees. UNT will not be like Berkeley, and spread only a far left ideology. UNT does not engage in political bigotry. It is a large public university in a primarily conservative state, and so has students, faculty and staff who follow different political ideologies – and donors who also follow different political ideologies. UNT will be either a laughingstock or will be shunned by many if Donald Trump Jr. is uninvited. It won’t happen. You should be spending your time on real campus news. This isn’t it. The Kuehne series is not intended for students. It is for current and potential donors. Why should you care who they want to invite as their speaker? You’ll still benefit from the money they give to UNT.

    Reply to this comment
  12. Dave
    Dave September 01, 08:58

    This is OUTRAGEOUS! The person who approved this should be FIRED!

    Reply to this comment
  13. Bonecrusher
    Bonecrusher September 01, 09:29

    Doesn’t the University of North Texas have a better way to use their lecture fund to benefit its students? Mr. Trump, while certainly an individual of notoriety, has never demonstrated any achievements based on principles or academic studies. The only purpose his appearance would serve is to stir up political controversy. Is this in UNT’s best interest?

    Reply to this comment
  14. Mara
    Mara September 01, 09:32

    Junior is a loser. He only has his job at the Trump Organization because of nepotism and when he tried to invest on his own, on Titan Atlas Manufacturing, daddy had to bail him out.
    But I’m glad he’s cashing in on the only thing he has going for him: being the President’s son.

    Reply to this comment
  15. Gramd
    Gramd September 01, 09:57

    Plus the secret service cost to taxpayers

    Reply to this comment
  16. Class of '06
    Class of '06 September 01, 10:18

    What on earth is he going to talk about? How to rig elections to benefit Russia? How to use the government as a publicity machine for your private business? This is an unacceptable waste of funds. I will be registering my disapproval with the the University and encourage others to do the same.

    Reply to this comment
  17. Bob
    Bob September 01, 10:56

    You are paying 100,000 dollars dollars in speaking fees to this moron to speak, really?

    Reply to this comment
  18. Ma'Resia
    Ma'Resia September 01, 11:11

    Disappointed as a UNT Alumna

    Reply to this comment
  19. Dr. Wallis
    Dr. Wallis September 01, 11:54

    Maybe a different genetic lottery winner would provide a better speech at this time?

    Reply to this comment
  20. Jose
    Jose September 01, 12:01

    How in the world UNT book a person like
    Donald Trump jr ? Is he going to at least speak about his Russia meeting or his crooked bussines using the presidency as a bussines platform ? This should be cancel or many students will protest

    Reply to this comment
  21. Maggie
    Maggie September 01, 12:33

    Do taxpayers have to pay to house and feed his Secret Service detail to attend? Will he travel on a government plane? Take government cars for himself and Secret Service agents? What will this cost the taxpayer for Don Jr to make $100,000?

    Reply to this comment
  22. Minnie
    Minnie September 01, 12:34

    Who is paying this dumb rich kid/nincompoop so much money to tell people how his Daddy gave him a job? Disgusting. Not to mention he is implicated in the Russian enquiry and may have committed treason.

    Reply to this comment
  23. Abbynormal
    Abbynormal September 01, 13:34

    As a unt alum, I object to his appearance anywhere near.

    Reply to this comment
  24. REob
    REob September 01, 13:56

    as Texas asks for help

    Reply to this comment
  25. Studious girl
    Studious girl September 01, 14:01

    Wow this is where our tuition dollars are going? And what makes him worth $100,00? There are far better speakers who can add more to our intellectual life!

    Reply to this comment
  26. Stefgk
    Stefgk September 01, 16:15

    Can you put this in context? Are all speakers paid?

    Reply to this comment
  27. SallyinMI
    SallyinMI September 01, 18:00

    Wow. Does he need the money? What can he strong together for 30 whole minutes? What the article left out if that he’ll do a 30 minute Q&A afterwards, but he gets the questions in advance. No thinking on his feet for this Trump. Script everything and walk away with $100,000. I have a niece at NT, and she’ll probably attend. People are truly brainwashed in Texas. Sad.

    Reply to this comment
  28. Jenny
    Jenny September 01, 18:13

    What could Donald Trump, Jr. have to say of any significance? Topics could include How to Collude with the Russians, How to Be Born Rich, How to Hunt Big Game and Get Your Photo Taken With the Corpse of a Beautiful Animal.
    The list goes on and on.
    What a waste.

    Reply to this comment
  29. Mike
    Mike September 01, 18:42

    100k for 30 minutes. Who at the university approved this? This is larger than the annual salary of most professors at the university.

    Reply to this comment
  30. Ms. Re
    Ms. Re September 01, 19:06

    As an alumnus of UNT, I am horrified that the university has brought this man to speak on campus. Of all of the brilliant and accomplished people available, someone chose a man whose dubious fame has come entirely from being born into wealth.

    Reply to this comment
  31. XNT
    XNT September 01, 21:57

    I am so ashamed of UNT. Different points of view are great. This man is a big nothing. His POV is worthless. So many great people and you choose this horrible person.

    Reply to this comment
  32. UM_'66
    UM_'66 September 01, 23:23

    UNT Daily: I pray that your community is safe from Harvey and its aftermath.

    I read with interest your article on Donald Trump Jr’s impending lucrative appearance on your campus, including a brief Q&A. Evidently, the Q’s must be submitted beforehand and screened.

    I hope every attendee, be s/he a student or a MAGA fan, will copy in advance his/her Q to your paper. And that you’ll publish some of those that are screened out.

    I cannot attend, but if I could, here are six Q’s I’d submit to Donald Jr. None is rooted in “fake news”; just Google the assertions.

    * In 1973, your father settled a federal lawsuit charging that the real estate company he headed conspired to keep out blacks. If he was innocent, why did he settle?

    * After the Central Park jogger rape in 1989, why did your father spend $50,000 on a full-page New York Times demanding their execution — even though they were found “Not Guilty”? And why has he never apologized?

    * One of your father’s prime promises is to make Americans buy products that are Made in America. Yet his personal cars, his suits, his Trump line fashions, and indeed most of sister Ivanka’s fashion garb and shoes are made overseas. Why?

    * Your father subcontracted undocumented aliens to demolish a property in Midtown Manhattan to make way for Trump Tower. Those low-paid workers happened to be Polish — aka white. Your thoughts on his current policy on banning non-white immigrants?

    * HB-1 visas allow aliens who possess skills not possessed by Americans to gain expedited entry to the United States. Melania Knaus, born in Slovenia, was granted an HB-1 to come as a fashion model (she debuted with a nude lesbian shoot). America had no porn stars? Does your father regret marrying a Communist-born porn star?

    * Each high-winter season, your family’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida uses H-2B visas to import low-wage non-Americans for jobs that purportedly cannot be filled from the local labor pool. Within 50 miles of Palm Beach, there are not 75 qualified cooks, waiters and housemaids?

    * Have either you, or your brother Eric, or Ivanka, ever followed your father’s boast and “grabbed pu$$y”?

    Thanks for letting me vent — TC

    Reply to this comment
  33. Camille
    Camille September 02, 00:38

    As a student of UNT, I am very excited for the opportunity to hear Donald Trump Jr.

    Reply to this comment
  34. Jerry
    Jerry September 02, 01:18

    That $100,000 would be better spent helping the victims of hurricane Harvey instead of Mr. Trump.

    Reply to this comment
  35. Mimi
    Mimi September 02, 01:37

    Trump family nepotism for profit and a not very smart university that supports it. Sorry to admit I have a degree from UNT.

    Reply to this comment
  36. mestizØ
    mestizØ September 02, 03:07

    do you not get it. beyond stupid, what topicc Treason starts with a T rump.

    Reply to this comment
  37. Paul
    Paul September 02, 08:34

    Good grief! Felon Trump and Fox News. You call yourself an educational institution.

    Reply to this comment
  38. Wagonjak
    Wagonjak September 02, 10:08

    Are the students at this school really OK with paying this much to have a potential criminal clown speak at their school? I find it hard to believe that this bumbling fool can give a coherent 30 minute speech!

    Reply to this comment
  39. Diesel
    Diesel September 02, 10:48

    Congratulations to Sarah Sarder on this story–it’s a huge scoop and is getting front page attention all over the country! As a Journalism grad and a former editor at a university newspaper I’m very happy for her.

    Reply to this comment
  40. Rockford
    Rockford September 02, 11:52

    Why would anyon care what this little turd has to say much less pay to hear it?

    Reply to this comment
  41. NotMyPresident
    NotMyPresident September 02, 13:52

    Embarrassed to be an Eagle.

    Reply to this comment
  42. Chez
    Chez September 02, 15:11

    Cripes…”Questions for the Q&A will be provided to Trump Jr. ahead of time.”

    Reply to this comment
  43. Lots of love
    Lots of love September 02, 17:21

    There will be folks who will comment negatively like Doug Kass at Mad Money. These folks are Trump haters who simply can not or will not give this President a break from their self-oriented analysis. Bashing him at every turn is not productive. I decided not to make up my mind until the end of the first term when I vote again. Some of these guys are doing damage to the USA and obviously do not care. Now is the time to unite and in 4 years as directed by the CONSTITUTION you vote your opinion. THAT is when we want to hear from you. Until then your just promoting hate and trying to look important.

    Reply to this comment
  44. Keith
    Keith September 03, 00:31

    Seriously? There are NO comments yet on this story? What do the folks who choose speakers think Don Jr. knows? What wisdom do they think he brings to the table? ugh. Right-wing gravy train. UNT is helping the Trump family use djt’s position to enrich themselves.

    Reply to this comment
  45. Starfire
    Starfire September 03, 01:58

    Don’t line the pockets of the filthy rich. Use the money to help Harvey victims. What a waste!

    Reply to this comment
  46. Piggly wiggly
    Piggly wiggly September 05, 10:49

    Wow what way to use public funds. What is he going to say that’s worth 100k

    Reply to this comment
  47. Evan
    Evan September 12, 21:00

    The opposition to this event is ridiculous. The event is funded by private donors, will be held off campus, and no students will even be going (unless they can fork up the $5,000 dollars to reserve a table). Furthermore, the proceeds of this event will go toward scholarships for National Merit Scholars. In 2016 UNT enrolled the second fewest NM Scholars among tier 1 schools in Texas, ahead of only UTA and well behind UTD who has a much smaller enrollment. People need to put their political hang ups aside and realize this event greatly benefits the university.

    Reply to this comment
  48. UNT 89
    UNT 89 September 26, 21:57

    Everyone of you commenting about public funds being used should educate yourself on the facts. He is being paid by PRIVATE DONATIONS!

    Reply to this comment
  49. Tow Mesa
    Tow Mesa November 27, 11:10

    Wow 100k… that’s insane!

    Reply to this comment
  50. Boiler Service
    Boiler Service March 02, 09:00

    That’s a hell of a lot of money to be wasting!

    Reply to this comment
  51. Boiler Service
    Boiler Service March 07, 14:35

    Crazy world we live in – when will the trump administration stop betraying the American people

    Reply to this comment

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