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During these uncertain times, student media is still there for comfort

During these uncertain times, student media is still there for comfort

During these uncertain times, student media is still there for comfort
April 02
08:30 2020

With the start of the new decade comes hopeful thoughts, new goals to reach and new experiences to hopefully enrich the lives of the people here at the turn of a new era. Three months in to the new decade and a pandemic is certainly not something 2020 expected or needed.

The novel coronavirus has certainly taken a toll on financial stability, education, news, entertainment, businesses and even student media. Whether this be a business deemed “non-essential” closing or the transition to online classes for many universities, the impact COVID-19 has had on society has certainly been felt by many people. People are losing their jobs and income by way of these non-essential businesses closing and a stay-at-home mandate in effect by county commissioners. All of these things have happened in Denton County along with countless other counties who are feeling the entire, harsh brunt of COVID-19.

In addition to all of these insane happenings, the news cycle has been an endless barrage of updates, new developments, new confirmed cases of the virus and unfortunately, reports of deaths due to the virus. Major news outlets have had their work cut out for them surely, but let us all not forget the many student media outlets who have also been at the beck and call of the virus, ready and able to post any new updates on the virus as they become available.

In times like these, student media is more important than ever. We are all fully committed to delivering the news and reporting on the facts even as our full course load of classes are frustratingly transitioned online and as some of our other jobs are closed for being “non-essential.” To deflect in being too self-serving, the immense passion for the reporting and gathering of the news and its facts is what is driving these student media outlets to continue on. And for this, these student outlets deserve the respect and attention as any other major or minor news outlet.

With the coronavirus ravaging so many things once thought of as normal, countless student media outlets are stepping up and taking charge in delivering necessary updates to help keep not only the student body informed, but also county residents of their respective towns informed. This virus has proven many things, but one of the more important things it has proven is student media is essential.

Most likely something you had planned or some last minute fun excursions were delayed or outright cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Whether it be a concert, vacation, festival or new entertainment, the cancellation or delay of these respective things probably still hurts a little when thinking about it. Nevertheless, student media is still here and more prevalent than ever to deliver the most up-to-date and important updates regarding the novel coronavirus outbreak. Some of the news reported by these student media outlets might be intense or scary, but rest assured we are doing everything in our power to not only report the extensive updates regarding the virus, but also the facts to go along with it all.

In these very uncertain times, familiarity needs to be held onto in more ways than one, so here is to hoping a sense of familiarity and comfort can come to you within all of the nooks and crannies of the Daily. It is what we pride ourselves on as an editorial board and we hope our COVID-19 updates, our regular news stories, our Arts and Life features, our sports stories and our opinion pieces help bring you a sense of much needed familiarity and comfort in these times when it seems those things are severely lacking.

We at the Daily extend our well-wishes and full support to student media outlets such as the Daily Texan, the University Star, The Shorthorn, The Battalion, The Mercury, The Daily Campus, and the OU Daily.

Featured Illustration: Kylie Phillips

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  1. Dr. Jim
    Dr. Jim April 04, 16:56

    As a graduated student of NT from 1986, who obtained a Doctorate, please undersstand that this is a real pandemic that will kill all of us. Don’t fool yourselves, Church is not the answer and never has it been. You would think the Church would come out and say “we fooled you suckers for millenias. There is no God, nor heaven or hell.”
    The Buddhists, who are 3,000 years older than Cristians, have it right: ‘You come from nothing and will go to nothing. Be calm.”
    At least the school is doing life right, providing entertainment to the student masses, and decent foods, fun times, etc.
    Hard to believe it took until 2018 for me to legalize marajuana in my state.

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