Free-speech vs. hate-speech

Free-speech vs. hate-speech

Free-speech vs. hate-speech
March 29
20:11 2018

On March 29, several “protesters” stood on campus near the Business Leadership Building brandishing signs of hatred.

Freedom of speech is granted to each of us as an inherent right, and I think some individuals abuse that right when they use their words to belittle, embarrass or degrade others.

Protesters, which is a word I will use loosely here, held signs which read: “Got AIDS Yet” (supposedly an acronym for “gay”), “All real Muslims are Jihads” and “Black Lives Matter are racist thugs.”

These individuals claim to be protesting, but what are they actually protesting? Progress? Equality? Freedom of Religion? No, they weren’t protesting. They were simply carrying hateful messages and hoping to provoke liberal-minded individuals and gain the attention of the media, both of which were wildly successful.

In many of my political endeavors, I have had the term “snowflake” lobbed at me because I (a liberal) think I am so special and deserving of special treatment. Yet these hypocrites — surrounded by police and just begging for attention — are the embodiment of a snowflake.

The UNT campus is a place of learning, support and growth. I truly wish these haters would respect this concept.

It is so stressful to be on your way to class with a million things going through your mind and happen to stumble upon people spewing hatred.

I don’t mean to say UNT should become a “safe-space” where hate and fighting words are prohibited. I do, however, want these people to grow up and respect the university and its students.

What does all of this mean? There will always be haters. There will always be people who thrive on being that dissonance sickening a crowd.

The UNT campus was most likely targeted because students of higher education tend to be more liberal, compassionate and open-minded. This especially applies to students in Denton and on our beloved campus. We were targeted because we can give them the attention they need, and in return they can try to rattle us.

I urge each and every one of you who were perturbed by this group of haters not to waver in your support for your fellow human.

Remember that people who choose to stay muddled in hatred and intend to stagnate progress will be left behind, as we pave the path forward to a better world. A world which supports ideals of equality, liberty and compassion. We will make room for younger generations to aspire to greatness and continue to practice these values. Hatred will expire and those who practice it will be forgotten.

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Sean Rainey

Sean Rainey

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  1. Tom Coyne
    Tom Coyne April 02, 14:00

    What is ‘hatred?’

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