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Gun laws are not an effective way to prevent terrorism

Gun laws are not an effective way to prevent terrorism

Gun laws are not an effective way to prevent terrorism
November 22
13:20 2017

From the stick, to the sword, to the rifle. As weaponry has evolved, humans have evolved with them.

The oldest recordings of history all talk about humanity being intertwined with war and violence. The sad reality is that there is evil in the world, and we must be able to have the option to defend ourselves from it.

Whether it be terrorism or mental health issues, it’s hard to fathom how or why someone can make the decision to kill innocent people. Every time there is an incident involving gun violence,  the debate about gun control and the right to own a gun isn’t far off, but it seems we rarely talk about the mental health state that one has to be in to make this decision.

These are not your everyday citizens, as they have often times been corrupted in many different ways. What we really need to do is have the debate about how much we are focusing on the mental health of our own citizens rather than being the gun police.

Though it truly hurts to see a new mass shooting in the news almost every month. Passing laws to prevent more shootings will only stop the law-abiding citizens. Criminals and the mentally unstable will still have their guns and they will still have the black market to purchase them.

There are more guns in the United States than there are people, and people must have the right to defend themselves from criminal threats.

Whether it be with an assault rifle, a truck, a knife or a bomb, there will always be those deranged people will do whatever it takes to cause terrorism. It’s one of the ugly sides of modern society, but there is no law that can be passed that will fully stop such terrorism.

I believe in background checks and proper training being essential in citizens acquiring the license to be able to carry a gun. However, anyone who wants to be able to carry one, should.

UNT has allowed concealed carry on its campus for over a year now with no incidents. Banning guns outright from citizens doesn’t create a safer enviornment. ABC News reported that law enforcement experts say with gun restrictions, more people and likely criminals, will start to manufacture their own guns.

Some argue that the solution is that the government should be the only good guys with guns. But governments have proven throughout time that they are inherently unpredicatable in their motives of control and domination.

The difference between a private company or individual citizen and the government is that the government has a monopoly on power and can use violence to achieve their means without restriction.

With this, one must always be wary of governments. Regardless of how good-natured one might be, they must always question their own government as they retain the right to lock them in a cage or point a gun at them. So why should they be the only ones with the comfort of being able to protect themselves?

The second amendment of the Bill of Rights reads as “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

The founders of this country knew that governments were prone to using their soldiers as a means of oppressing people. To counter this, they realized a well-regulated militia of citizens was truly essential to the security of a free state. Without armed citizens, the people are doomed to whoever owns the firepower.

I believe that our military and police are fully capable of responding to threats and have great respect for the people that put their lives on the line for the greater good of society. However, there are in fact wolves upon us, and the police cannot be everywhere at once.

We must be at liberty to defend ourselves, our families and our communities. Free men own weapons, sitting ducks do not.

Featured illustration by Max Raign 

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Garron Weeks

Garron Weeks

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous December 05, 17:04

    Disappointed to see this kind of reasoning from NTDaily, which up until now I thought was a fairly reliable bipartisan news sources.

    The Las Vegas shooter was “a law-abiding citizen” up until the moment he went and killed 200 people.

    Thousands of women in the U.S each year are killed because there no laws in place preventing persons charged with domestic abuse from purchasing firearms.

    There are no assault rifle bans, even though whether for hunting or self-defense, there is no situation in which an individual citizen would need to have an assault weapon.

    The United States is the ONLY 1st-World country where mass shootings take place regularly. They don’t happen in Canada, Britain, Sweden, France, Belgium, Switzerland … the list goes on and on.

    Gun rights advocates never talk about mental illness support unless there’s been a shooting that week.

    If there are fires in the neighborhood, the solution isn’t “make sure the neighbors have gasoline.” It’s taking gasoline away. It’s gun laws.

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    • DanTampa
      DanTampa December 07, 22:20

      With a gun I can protect myself and my family from those that wish to burn down my house. How do you plan on stopping them from burning down yours? By reciting law to them, telling them it is illegal to have gasoline? Sorry, I will keep my guns thank you.

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