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Hairstylist gives people confidence from root to tip

Hairstylist gives people confidence from root to tip

Hairstylist gives people confidence from root to tip
August 09
16:00 2018

For some, hair is an afterthought in daily pampering routines. This is not the case for Morgan Brack, a licensed cosmetologist and barber based out of Debi Do & Company Salon in Denton. Hair is a priority for Brack, not just a career — it’s a creative outlet.

Brack, who is entering her 11th year as a cosmetologist this month, had an interest in styling hair for many years before deciding to become a professional. Prior to becoming licensed, she considered mortuary work or something in the criminal justice field as career options.

“I have always been naturally good at styling hair and enjoyed it,” Brack said. “I finally got to a point where I was like, ‘I might as well go get licensed so I can do what I love and make a living from it,’ so that is what I did.”

Expression through color

Brack has used social media, particularly Instagram, as a tool, as a way to showcase her work on clients. Many of these posts display styles with bright, bold colors that include green, pink and recently rainbow patterns. Hair coloring is a task that has the easy potential to go awry, but Brack has mastered it, thanks to her willingness to experiment, and has made it something she is recognized for.

“With this line of work, you literally have the opportunity to create art on a new canvas every day,” Brack said. “With the bright colors and more vivid work, it was just a jump-right-in moment — no fear. I just did my research, educated myself on the steps it takes to achieve these looks and [did] it.”

Brack said she gets inspired for new styles and colors by her surroundings.

“I can look at the color scheme of any object and draw out some sort of inspiration from it, but I would say I get most of my inspiration from nature and all its beautiful colors and from the cinema,” Brack said. “I love watching movies and being inspired by their hair and wardrobe, and I love being able to integrate that into everyday life.”

The adventurous approach to her clients’ hair extends to her own.

“I started experimenting on my hair back when I was in middle school, probably around eighth grade,” Brack said. “But the real fun didn’t start until I was an educated, licensed stylist 11 years ago. [Since then] I have had every color under the rainbow because — why not?”

Brack believes that the way a person’s hair looks should be their decision and that they should wear whatever style they want, regardless of others’ perceptions.

“Look, no one should ever tell you what works for you or not,” Brack said. “They can give their opinions, but in the end, it is up to you. If you want to rock a certain color, cut or style, that is on you. If you want green, wear it green.”

Having her hair a copper-orange color in the past was an impactful choice that was inspired by one of her sons.

“My oldest son is a natural redhead and one day he asked me, ‘Mom, can you color my hair brown like everyone else?’” Brack said. “[He said], ‘Everyone else in the family has brown hair, and I want to match y’all.’ The next day when he was at school, I transformed my hair to match my son’s so he would not feel left out. It’s moments like that that make you realize that what you do is important.”

The style she currently has — dreads featuring green and blue on the ends — is all about ease.

“I am all about that hippie wash-and-go look,” Brack said. “My style is forever changing, and I just let my hair change with it.”

Denton hairstylist, Morgan Brack styles client, Melody Morgan’s, hair in her salon space at Debi Do’s. Brack has been styling clients’ hair for eight years. Kara Dry

Hair brings connections

Years of appointments with loyal clients have brought about friendships for Brack.

“My clients are really like family to me,” Brack said. “I have known some of my clients for 11 years and some longer that knew me before I was licensed.”

The relationship between a stylist and a client is one that requires mutual trust. Having a person cut and style hair can be an intimate experience for some, which Brack recognizes and embraces.

“I am the type of stylist that will bend over backward for my clients and make them feel like my chair is a safe place,” Brack said. “They can always tell me anything with no judgment passed while they sit in my chair. My clients are an extension of the ones I love and care for.”

She encourages her clients to take advantage of the options available that allow them to change their hair up.

“I always tell my clients, ‘You are never too old, young or fill-in-the-blank to wear the hair you want to wear,’” Brack said. “Be confident. Own it. Life is too short to have boring hair.”

One of her clients Lindsey Ebert, 36, has been going to Brack for about five years and enjoys Brack’s skill level when dealing with color.

“A friend of mine recommended her to me because I have been getting bright, unconventional colors in my hair for a long time, and it has been hard for me to find someone who knows how to do it,” Ebert said. “I think she is fabulous. She does it faster than anyone I have ever known. She understands color theory really well. I love the fact that she is up-to-date with her industry, and the fact that she went and got her barber license is super cool.”

Ebert and Brack collaborate on how her hair will look, and oftentimes Brack will find a look tailored specifically to Ebert.

“She will send me photographs of different color ideas that she has seen or just a photograph of something that inspires her to do something different,” Ebert said. “I’m really easy to work with — I just show up, and if I have an idea of a color range to stay in, I will tell her. If not, I just kind of let her do her thing.”

Another client, Amy Carlisle, 32, has been going to Brack for three years now.

“I think her and I have done my hair every color of the rainbow, and I bet probably made up some of our own,” Carlisle said.

She appreciates the care that Brack has for her clients, as far as giving them a style that complements them.

“She can make you feel beautiful without feeling like you have to make a drastic change,” Carlisle said. “She is able to look at a single person and take what they want and make it into something that is going to work for them.”

Morgan Brack has a full week of clients scheduled in her planner. It took her 11 years to able to choose her own hours to work for her personal schedule. Kara Dry

Behind the business

Although being a hairstylist is a job that allows for artistry, it is still an industry that requires dedication and work outside the salon.

“Honestly a typical work day for me starts very early, taking my first client at [around] 8 [or] 8:30 a.m., going nonstop, fast-pace with very few breaks,” Brack said. “I usually work through my lunch. I find time to eat while a client is processing. I work back-to-back appointments until about 7 in the evening. This goes on for five to six days a week, but work does not stop at the shop. I come home and consult with clients, return emails and work on my social media platforms, too.”

In addition to cosmetology, Brack has ventured into the barbering industry and has been a licensed barber for two years. This addition to her certification required additional hours of schooling.

“Many people do not realize that a barber and a cosmetologist are not the same thing,” Brack said. “The only difference between the two is that a licensed barber can use a straight razor blade, and a licensed cosmetologist cannot. I decided that I wanted to further my education and become certified in using the straight razor and become dual-licensed.”

Coming into the barber industry as a woman showed Brack that there was a gap in the number of female barbers, as well as cosmetologists, who can perform both skills.

“There are very few women in the barber industry, and I wanted to help uplift women in that field and be able to take on an extra skill,” Brack said. “I love that I can now offer more services to both my male and female clients. For me, it is always about continuously educating yourself and always wanting to grow with your industry.”

As a mother of two, Brack finds that it is necessary to balance life at the salon and her personal life.

“Really [it] is an everyday battle for me,” Brack said. “[It’s] knowing when to just put down my tools and come home and be with my boys and be present in the moment.”

Getting to the place she is in now has been a journey that needed both passion and commitment, she said.

“This industry is an industry [where] you start low and you build yourself up,” Brack said. “It takes time, money, patience and growing connections with people to bring them in to trust you. Building relationships with clients takes time, but that is what gets your referral business going. It is not going to happen overnight, and these relationships are time-consuming — sometimes you have to work late and stay late to please a client, but it pays off.”

She is experiencing that pay-off now by being able to have flexibility at work.

“I’m to the point in my business [that] I can pick and choose and make my own schedule and work when I want,” Brack said. “It wasn’t always like that — it’s taken 11 years of growing.”

Brack delivers a message of self-confidence and acceptance that starts with hair and extends to every part of a person.

“I tell people, ‘Your hair is your crown, you wear it every day,’” Brack said. “It is one of the first things people notice about you, and you should be proud of it — love it and take care of it. Your hair should make you feel confident on both the inside and out. If your hair looks good, you feel good.”

Featured Image: Denton stylist Morgan Brack styles a client’s hair at Debie Do’s salon. Brack is entering her eleventh year for styling hair. Kara Dry

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