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Hey, don’t boycott a business for banning open carry

Hey, don’t boycott a business for banning open carry

Hey, don’t boycott a business for banning open carry
January 21
02:07 2016

The Editorial Board

Sitting in a Cowboy Chicken, bathing in the aroma of a spiced rotisserie breast and taking that first bite of “home-on-the-range” style twice-baked potatoes, the last thing one might expect to see is a glock-19 strapped to the waist of the restaurant’s newest patron.

Despite the Wild West feel of the restaurant, there is certainly no chance of an Apache attack around these parts, leaving a puzzled confusion among those in attendance. Continuing on, the sighting is soon forgotten, the side of baked beans vanishing alongside it.

This kind of encounter is sure to become more commonplace as the year goes on. With Texas’ new open carry law having gone in to effect Jan. 1, it is now legal for license-carrying individuals to bolster their weapon on their hip on the property of compliant venues.

This is where things get tricky.

Although sightings have, so far, been few and far between around the North Texas area, there are many businesses that ask would-be warriors to abstain from the practice on their property. Calling around, we found many local establishments less than enthusiastic about sharing their position on the matter with a reporter, and many national chains referring us to their national headquarters or website.

Why would an established venue not express its position on a controversial and polarizing issue such as open carry? Is it more likely that we encountered a string of unenthusiastic employees? Or perhaps these individuals are acting out of their own self-interest?

Upon a quick search of the web, the source of this ambiguity was quickly found: boycott lists.

The idea of a boycott is to refrain from purchasing or using the services of an establishment for an outside reason – it isn’t a new concept, but the threat to local businesses has seen new life in the passage of open carry., a watchdog website for second amendment activists, maintains a constantly revised boycott list for those venues which have asked its patrons not to bring guns onto their premises.

Not all of these organizations are surprising. Starbucks, Target and Chipotle have all in the past been proven to subscribe to progressive policies. Even the unexpected additions make sense: Whataburger, Waffle House and Hooters all, even if covertly, maintain their image through the glad serving of drunks and boisterous patrons. Why should these chains be punished for, through the practice of common sense, attempting to avert the same kind of accident that has always been banned inside of bars?

What is concerning about this unabashed blacklisting is that many of those who brazenly and uncompromisingly support the brandishing of guns also claim to be pro-small business. How can this claim stand if the owners of these small businesses are arguably afraid to express their opinion on the matter, concerned the consequences of a boycott might be far more drastic than those against resilient national chains?

In short, it can be claimed with certainty that boycotting a business for asking customers to refrain from conspicuous brandishing of weapons on their person does more to harm those uninvolved than supporting second amendment rights.

It’s time to start picking battles wisely.

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    DRTSAT January 25, 14:56

    I don’t have an issue with open carry. I’ll teach my kids that they have nothing to fear. I’m also not going to boycott any restaurant that doesn’t want open carry. I don’t have a concealed permit yet but I prefer to have the gun out of sight so that I can use it if I need to for defense.

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