If you want to be competitive in “Fortnite,” use a PC

If you want to be competitive in “Fortnite,” use a PC

If you want to be competitive in “Fortnite,” use a PC
July 10
09:12 2018

Whenever I see someone on social media post their solo win with nine kills, I’m like, “not bad.” That is, until I notice the triangle or Y button as their pickax key — indicating their use of the console version of “Fortnite.” To an experienced player, this means they’re playing an almost entirely different game.

Of the top 10 most watched “Fortnite” streamers, nine of them play on a PC.

“Fortnite” has excelled over any first person shooter because of the building aspect of the game, which is a dynamic foreign to the competitive first person shooter genre. Building allows for a huge skill gap across different platforms. A player who doesn’t take time to learn how to build and prefers to rely on aiming skills will be at a major disadvantage when facing an experienced builder.

For many years I played “World of Warcraft,” a game I would have liked to see become available on console so more of my friends would play. But I knew it would never come to fruition because of how much keyboard work was necessary to be fluent with every maneuver. When beginning to learn the mechanics for “Fortnite,” I quickly realized this game was similar in that it would never be as easy to play on console.

In most first person shooter games, there are two weapons, one or two types of explosives and a melee button. “Fortnite” allows players to carry five weapons, build four different structures, change the direction in which the structures are facing, and keep multiple kinds of traps to scroll through — all while still having a dedicated melee button.

The variety of gameplay mechanics leaves console players at a disadvantage as there are buttons they have to hold instead of press and buttons they have to scroll to reach. At the same time, console players also miss out on the use of six extra fingers PC players have.

The keybinds — patterns of pressing buttons that cause certain functions — are non-customizable on console. The console also lacks the option to jump without taking your thumb off the aiming button, which does a disservice to players trying to avoid hits in combat. PC players are able to place every action on dedicated keys (of their own choosing) that rarely conflict with one another as long as they have a mouse with additional buttons.

The last unfair advantage PC players have is ease of aiming. Instead of a relatively small analog stick controlled by just your thumb, a mouse and large mouse pad allows you to move and control your entire arm with unmatched accuracy.

And unless console developers start integrating keyboard and mouse connectivity into their platforms, it’s likely things will stay this way.

So sure, you can be the best at beating Playstation players while also using a Playstation. But if you really want to compete for that $100 million that “Fortnite” is gracing gaming prize pools with, it would probably be a good idea to build a $300-$400 custom PC that will allow you to play the game with great efficiency and few interruptions.

Featured Illustration by Austin Banzon

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    Luke October 22, 08:10

    Look for the players that be seemingly succeeding alot
    as this is usually an indication that it’s a good time to hitch in the

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