Imagine Dragons’ new ‘Origins’ album encompasses all things the band does best

Imagine Dragons’ new ‘Origins’ album encompasses all things the band does best

Imagine Dragons’ new ‘Origins’ album encompasses all things the band does best
November 17
13:34 2018

Imagine Dragons’ new album “Origins” is the epitome of rock and pop. Though mostly pop, there is a good mix of genre variety — at least enough for me.

Music is such a personal experience, and especially on those off-days, having lyrics I can relate to, along with an an enjoyable listening experience, is much-needed. This has been a week I kind of dreaded, but having something new to listen to lifted my spirits (at least a little bit).

One of the first songs I heard from “Origins” was “Natural,” which I like even more after now having listened to the whole album. “Natural” has a mix of loud drums and pop, and I can’t help but want to sing along.

A lot of the songs feel relevant to me and the world, and the lyrics stand out to me — especially with the political climate we live in today. “Digital,” one of the songs directly referencing the future, says “We are the face of the future…”

“Machine” feels like an anthem telling you to stick it to the man, as it goes, “[it’s] about time to raise up and petition…”

“Zero” talks about feeling like the title — sad and a little depressed. Despite being an upbeat song, the lyrics talk about being in a negative headspace, which I know a lot of people can relate to at one point in their lives. The song is very catchy, and it will be in the new “Wreck it Ralph” movie, so I’m excited I got to hear it before the movie.

The album has some songs that are a bit different than the genre Imagine Dragons usually falls in. “West Coast,” for example, is less pop and more folksy. In comparison to the other songs, it’s slower and more toned down, versus other songs that have drums, electric guitar riffs and some hard-to-identify background sounds.

Imagine Dragons have been around for a while now, but I was never really into them. I always knew about some of their songs through the radio like “Demons.” This album is exciting because there are songs similar to their previous hits and some that differ. “Natural” is similar to some of their hits, but different enough to have made me excited for this album. “Digital,” unlike “Natural,” is full of electric keyboard type sounds. Then there are slower, toned down songs, and we get to hear their voices more clearly.

In that way, “Origins” is uplifting. Some of the messages in the songs are very relatable and helped me get through the rough week.

There are only a few albums I return and listen to, so only time will tell if this album is one I enjoy enough to revisit (but I would like to think I would).

My Rating: 3/5

Featured Image: Courtesy Facebook

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