It is time to stop separating the artists from their art

It is time to stop separating the artists from their art

It is time to stop separating the artists from their art
December 04
01:08 2017

With the recent influx of accusations regarding sexual misconduct flowing in by actors, musicians and entertainers, Hollywood is shrouded in a shadow of shame and embarrassment.

As a result of these reports, we all need to face the truth: it is time to stop separating the artists from their art.

Even to my own personal dismay, some of my favorite actors have come under fire for sexual misconduct including Kevin Spacey and comic Louis C.K.

Spacey is someone I have watched consistently throughput his old filmography and kept up with his new releases after I first discovered his talents in films like ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘Se7en’. I discovered Louis C.K. after binging his autobiographical show ‘Louie’ on Netflix and have watched many of his standup specials due to my appreciation for his humor.

But, after the despicable claims of sexual misconduct have come to light about them, I can no longer continue to watch any of their work or support any of their future endeavors.

As much of a fan as I was of many of these individuals, I will never be able to look at any of them the same way again. That applies to any artist in any form of any entertainment medium. And frankly any medium is a direct representation of their artist.

Because not only are they sexual predators first and foremost, but they are also deviant citizens who have done disgusting things and they should all be viewed as such. Their actions are inexcusable and their careers should not be able to continue to prosper because of the longtime fans they have accumulated.

However, if we begin boycotting any specific entertainer and their work, we are also directly affecting the other members who also worked on said project. But it is important to remember that the intention is not to sabotage the individuals who are innocent. The best way we can prevent this in the future is to start holding entertainers, and really anyone who commits sexual misconduct, accountable.

If one of your favorite actors, directors, or musicians has been accused of sexual misconduct lately it is understandable if your initial reaction was disappointment. I felt the same way. Then, I came to my senses and considered how much the women and men who were attacked must have felt, and I quickly felt disgust towards the individuals I once religiously watched or listened to.

As much as it may be hard at first to completely stop watching or listening to someone you once did all the time, you must remember their despicable actions and stop separating the artist from their art because ultimately, they go hand in hand.

Featured image: Louis C.K. was accused of sexual misconduct by a number of people including fellow comics. File

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