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It’s time to start calling the ‘alt-right’ proto-fascists

It’s time to start calling the ‘alt-right’ proto-fascists

It’s time to start calling the ‘alt-right’ proto-fascists
November 30
17:26 2016

The Editorial Board

“Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!” is what a swarm of white nationalists shouted on Nov. 19 when Richard Spencer, the president of the National Policy Institute, led a Washington, D.C. conference declaring those same words.

Taking place a few blocks away from the White House, the meeting culled many activists together to discuss the future of the “alternative right” movement. Also known as the “alt-right,” the ideology favors white supremacy and literally wants to “make America great again” for European-Americans.

Reserved under the name “Griffin family reunion,” reality star Tila Tequila joined two men in a private room for a “Sieg Heil” salute on Twitter. This gesture, which means “hail victory” in German, is the official Nazi salute.

Furthering comparisons between the conference and National Socialism, Spencer reportedly joked to cameramen downstairs, “let’s party like it’s 1933.” That was the same year Adolf Hitler became Germany’s chancellor, after his party won 33.09 percent of seats in parliament.

In addition to threatening every non-white-and-straight demographic, the “alt-right” could regress American progress if we’re not careful to call these extremists what they really are: proto-fascists.

Fascism, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is any political movement or philosophy “that exalts nation and often race above the individual,” standing for “a centralized autocratic government” headed by a dictator. But Spencer and his cronies can’t be considered fascists yet.

They lack a focus on establishing a corporatist nation, one where corporations and private interests benefit state powers. Like the appendages of a body, corporate states feed from the idea that corporations and people’s goals are not vested in private profit or self-progression, but for the good of the state and its longevity.

Instead, Spencer’s movement exists in its larval stage, not yet succumbing to the ritualistic, white supremacist Nazi Reich of old. The “alt-right” feeds on the fears of the poor white working class, the people who elected Donald Trump into office. Xenophobia, exclusionary policies and calls to revive a supposedly downtrodden race are the first steps to a future with Swastikas and jackboots.

Even calling them “alt-right” is disrespectful to actual right-wingers like President-elect Donald Trump. Although Spencer admits the president-elect isn’t “alt-right,” he believes Trump “represents the first step towards identity politics in the United States.” These politics refer to Spencer’s dream of America being “a new society, an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans.”

To achieve this, Spencer calls for “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” which certainly doesn’t make his support system an offshoot of conservatism whatsoever. In the words of Hillary Clinton, the “alt-right” movement is built on “race-baiting ideas, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideas,” which “is not Republicanism as we know it.”

These people are deeply rooted in racist, neo-Nazi, and overall, proto-fascist methodologies that perpetuate the ugliest aspects of humanity. Due to our nation’s democratic and republican nature, not even Donald Trump could avow “alt-right” thought.

Now it’s time for the media, and everyone paying attention, to separate these fascists from conservatives once and for all.

Richard Spencer and like-minded people clearly don’t care about lowering taxes, limiting government regulation on business or upholding any kind of social stability. They’re only hiding behind Trump’s rhetoric to build a platform that disables progressive action for anyone that’s not a white nationalist. They want to destabilize an already divided country, so perhaps a Hitler-like dictator could rise to power one day.

While the Trump campaign was built on disgusting prejudices, Spencer has made no bones about his rejection of Republicanism and how he means everything he says.

“[Republicans] have had their day,” Spencer recently said in Ohio. “They have no legitimacy. They have no new ideas. [The party] is just a bunch of old farts.” He later declared that his movement “will have [its] day,” and said, “We are young. We are more powerful. We are rising.”

In the past, we truthfully labeled these kinds of people neo-Nazis, proto-fascists, white supremacists and racists. To not call them what they are is to besmirch the name of the veterans who fought fascism in World War II.

Featured Illustration: Antonio Mercado

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Preston Mitchell

Preston Mitchell

Preston served as the Opinion Editor of the North Texas Daily from July 2016 to July 2017, and is a UNT graduate of integrative studies.

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