It’s time to save the Earth

It’s time to save the Earth

It’s time to save the Earth
January 31
23:25 2018

It’s no secret human interaction with the Earth is slowly withering the planet away.

Climate change has been a popular argument over the years, causing many to advocate for laws and treaties in favor of saving the earth.

There are a few people who believe climate change isn’t real and insist to argue against it, like President Donald Trump, for example.

But we have to continue to educate these people on the facts.

The Paris climate agreement was placed in action within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in order to strengthen the global response toward this issue and keep the global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.

However, our president was quick to pull us out of the agreement, just within the first year of his presidency.

Those who oppose the deadly issue are hard-headed and need a wake-up call.

Do I need to remind you of the California fires and mudslides that occurred this winter? Or of the several hurricanes that took place in September last year?

We selfish human beings pollute the Earth carelessly, only paying attention to the problem when we see videos of dead animals. We rage in the moment, but our actions contradict our words.

We need to step up and be the change. And by change, I mean actually becoming environmentalists.

As college students, we feel insignificant and incapable of becoming world changers. We think world-changers are people who are bold and daring, but we can easily fight climate change without those characteristics.

UNT is a green campus, meaning it advocated and encourages recycling and other small ways to help the planet. The students just have to be willing to put an effort to save it.

Instead of driving to school from nearby apartments, we can give up comfort for a 15-minute walk. It also could better our carbon footprint.

Another easy solution would be to use a power strip for all your electronic devices. This stops your devices from sucking up all the energy and could potentially lower your electricity bill.

Anyone can do this, and any opposition would be out of mere laziness.

In order to take action, we have to care and have an open mind.

We cannot change the Earth’s physical status, but we can stand up by changing the way we live our lives. If we don’t try to save our planet, who will step in for us? Only so many generations will live to see its beauty if we accept the terms as a bystander.

Featured Image: Illustration by Gabby Evans

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Kenya Menjivar

Kenya Menjivar

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