‘Jigsaw’ is an unnecessary addition to the ‘Saw’ franchise

‘Jigsaw’ is an unnecessary addition to the ‘Saw’ franchise

‘Jigsaw’ is an unnecessary addition to the ‘Saw’ franchise
October 31
14:50 2017

“The truth will set you free.”

The “Saw” franchise is back this Halloween after a seven-year hiatus with “Jigsaw,” the eighth (!) installment.

There needs to be a good reason to revisit a franchise that has been dormant for seven years, especially when your last film was entitled “The Final Chapter.” While “Jigsaw” has some fun nods to the previous installments, it does not justify itself as a satisfying return to a franchise that has been absent for close to a decade.

What these films always have going for them is they know they singlehandedly created the “torture porn” genre, so they always revel in the copious buckets of blood and gore that are dumped onscreen for the audience to be grossed out by. Also, the death traps are inventive as ever and just as twisted as one could hope for. But these things are staples in the “Saw” films, so they should be expected to be creative. All of these things are the very point of these films, and they know it.

“Jigsaw” is no different than any other “Saw” film.

This is where the film lost me, though. I was hoping that with this new installment of the franchise, there would at least be a couple of new approaches with the material or have something a little different to help distinguish itself from the other installments. The filmmakers opted to name the film “Jigsaw” instead of the original title of “Saw: Legacy” to possibly help bring a new approach to the franchise, but the overall execution in the film disproves that very statement.

If we are going to be stuck with characters that are trapped in one relative location under high stress for the entire film, those characters better be interesting enough to want to be stuck with. Unfortunately, these characters were not. The main girl, played by Laura Vandervoot, showed immense promise with her performance, but her character is so severely underdeveloped you cannot seem to get behind her motivations or actions.

“Jigsaw” is standard “Saw” fare, and you have basically already seen “Jigsaw” if you have seen any of the previous films.

For the eighth installment in a horror franchise that relies almost solely on how much it can gross out its respective audience, it is certainly nowhere near as bad as it could have been. It just all feels so unnecessary. The violence and the death traps are as good as ever, but the script, execution and the overlying lack of need for another installment in this franchise makes the movie highly lacking.

Odds are you already know if this one is for you or not.

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Spencer Kain

Spencer Kain

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  1. John Kramer
    John Kramer October 31, 16:40

    The movie wasn’t about the girl… I‎t was about the return of jigsaw. i don’t want to spoil anything so that’s all I’m going to say about the plot. This saw movie took the recycled time constraint gimmick and gave I‎t a fresh twist. The entire movie you’re wondering if jigsaw is alive and the answer is given in a timely manner. This saw is honestly way better than a majority of the original series. Don’t let this poorly written review scare you. Don’t expect something amazing, but prepared to be thoroughly entertained.

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