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‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ will make fans of the franchise go extinct

‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ will make fans of the franchise go extinct

‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ will make fans of the franchise go extinct
June 16
15:00 2022

The “Jurassic World” trilogy always seemed to be fighting an uphill battle. When the franchise’s first entry came out in 2015, fans refused to accept anything that strayed away from the original.

When “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” hit theaters four years ago, it was yet another underwhelming addition to the beloved world of dinosaurs. While it may have fallen flat, it set up some interesting concepts with answers that are sure to entertain. Audiences across the world watched those highly anticipated answers come to life with “Jurassic World: Dominion” but those answers will leave many annoyed. 

For the sixth time, humans find out why trying to control dinosaurs is a terrible idea. Following the events of the last film, dinosaurs now coexist with humans. As one would imagine, this creates an endless possibility of problems. The biggest of those problems comes in the form of oversized locusts. Yes, you read that correctly.

This cast takes a risk by bringing back characters from the original entries of the franchise, which has not been done before. Laura Dern and Sam Neill from the “Jurassic Park” crew came back to reprise their roles as Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant. These two have natural chemistry and nostalgia worked its magic to avoid making the entire movie insufferable. The fabulous Jeff Goldblum is also back as Ian Malcolm.

As far as the “Jurassic World” cast goes, Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt returned as Claire Dearing and Owen Grady. The chemistry here is nonexistent and there is a better chance of dinosaurs coming back than these two coming across as if they genuinely care about each other.

While this movie may have been a mess from top to bottom, DeWanda Wise was a highlight. Her character Kayla Watts was introduced in this film and makes more of an impact than the established characters.

One of the only interesting things about the film before this was the idea of dinosaurs coexisting with humans. There would be major changes for every single human being, and there was some serious room to make something great. Dinosaurs are instead replaced with oversized bugs, and the movie was all a mess from then on.

There isn’t a reduced amount of dinosaur action in the film, but instead of them being the main problem, they serve more as an obstacle course. Any time the characters try and stop this world-ending disaster some dinosaur shows up to get in the way. It becomes a repetitive annoyance instead of a suspenseful interaction.

When dinosaurs are the most annoying part of the dinosaur-related movie, something is not right. 

The movie has zero stakes, with characters surviving one impossible scenario after the other. Summer movies are supposed to be carefree and fun, but part of the fun is watching dinosaurs absolutely tear it up. As there are glimpses of greatness, you can’t help but wish the movie centered around dinosaurs. 

Watching someone get eaten directly off of a Segway as they casually navigate through town is absolutely hilarious. Pratt sticks his hand out in an attempt to talk to dinosaurs so many times throughout these movies, it is absolutely absurd. If I had a dollar for every time he did this little stunt, I could fund my own dinosaur invasion film.

A movie well over two hours should have some sort of intriguing action in it, but the magic is completely missing. It is as repetitive as ever, with every suspenseful scene in the movie playing out just like the one before it. It’s so incredibly frustrating but is also what many were expecting.

“Jurassic World: Dominion” should fit perfectly as a summer blockbuster, but it isn’t even entertaining in a bad way. Even audiences who knew this movie wouldn’t be the best were probably expecting some sort of dumb fun. Instead, they were given something deprived of everything summer blockbusters should have. There are flickers of hope here and there but not enough, making this one of the biggest wastes of time for 2022.

Despite this, the movie is still going to make a bunch of money. Everyone just wants to get nostalgic and see the old cast again. Hopefully, everyone involved got the paycheck of a lifetime and enjoyed reuniting with old friends for one last project. Once this film wraps up and leaves theaters, many can only hope this oversaturated franchise will permanently stay extinct.

Jaden’s Rating: 2/5

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