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Kali Uchis’ ‘Red Moon in Venus’ is a journey through love’s many forms

Kali Uchis’ ‘Red Moon in Venus’ is a journey through love’s many forms

Kali Uchis’ ‘Red Moon in Venus’ is a journey through love’s many forms
March 09
13:00 2023

With another well-mixed English and Spanish album, Kali Uchis sets the tone of her third album, “Red Moon in Venus,” from the first track.

Uchis gives her audience a soft, heartfelt hello with “in My Garden…,” and fans already know what the tracklist’s journey entails. It’s a tale of love, loss, karma and happiness that’ll satisfy any listener.

Love is key in all aspects of life. Whether love in relationships, friendships, family or self, it all boils down to one thing: letting it be the truest love one can give.

Uchis emphasizes this throughout her album with tracks like “Love Between,” “All Mine” and “Fantasy,” which features her current boyfriend and artist Don Toliver

These songs describe romantic love as something frightening and vulnerable, but worth the effort if true. “Fantasy” dives deeper into how one should strive for their relationship to be the one they’ve always dreamed of. Uchis shows how it isn’t unrealistic to want or achieve a perfect type of love with someone, and how one should not settle for less than is deserved.

A heavy facet in Uchis’ themes is self-love and everything related to it. The album’s current most listened to track on Spotify, “I Wish you Roses,” is an ode to releasing people from your life with love. The lyrics — “I wish you love/I wish you well” — solidify that the act is coming from a place of self-protection, and no ill will is wished upon the other person. 

Self-love comes with knowing one’s worth, and Uchis knows the significance of being treated like the goddess she is. This comes with never accepting the bare minimum from anyone who wants access to something from you, in any way.

“Worth the Wait (feat. Omar Apollo),” stresses putting the highest value on one’s body and being exclusive with those allowed near it. It’s about making those who are attracted to you work for a place in your life. Easily allowing anyone into your circle can impact people in negative ways if the situation becomes unfavorable.

“Worth the Wait” introduces this theme, and “Endlessly” continues it. No one truly deserves your love and intimacy unless they prove and work for it in every way imaginable. Uchis’ storyline for this track on the Spotify app explains its meaning perfectly: “One wouldn’t expect a goddess to bless them for no reason; you make offerings to a goddess.”

This type of self-love shouldn’t be considered selfish because once proven, the love will be reciprocated. It isn’t selfish to be cautious of who is wanting to be let in to your life until knowing their true intentions. Once it’s revealed, that’s when true love can fully flourish. 

“Deserve Me (with Summer Walker),” is meant to empower anyone to remove themselves from a relationship that no longer benefits them. The point is for self-worth to be recognized and to have strength to leave something that continues to tear you down. Never remain in a situation that isn’t uplifting, whether it be with a lover or a friend. 

As the album progresses, it dives into the depths of karma and getting what one deserves. “I Wish you Roses” sends love to people who left. On the other hand, “Moral Conscience” is written for those who have been wronged but are satisfied knowing karma will come around.

The following track, “Not Too Late (interlude),” extends this arc by poking fun at people who speak negatively on another’s name. The lyrics in the hook — “It’s not too late to admit you love me” — play with the balance between love, hate and how someone hateful might just secretly be obsessed.

The second-to-last on the track list and a personal favorite is flirty “Moonlight.” It centers around preparing to step out with the love of your life and receiving a euphoric high from being in their presence. A connection so strong, emotions and feelings are heightened whenever they are near. 

This is one of the most fun listens on this album, partly because of its bouncy beat. Uchis’ vocals are also very light and airy, which only stands to elevate the track further. It was placed in the ideal spot on the album, helping shift the tone back to a sunnier, lovelier feeling.

Uchis is no stranger to angelic-sounding vocals and high notes, as heard all throughout this album. She continues to bring a unique flair to every track and conveys emotion through every word she sings.

The album closes with a happy ending — literally. “Happy Now” completes “Red Moon in Venus” by leaving it off on a drama-free note. It ends the project with a feeling of contentment and choosing peace over all the negative in life.

While not all 15 tracks were mentioned, the key is to listen to every song in the tracklist’s order. This enhances the sound experience and contributes greatly to understanding the overall message Uchis is sending her audience.

The journey of love is a great one, and she has shown us exactly why.

Melanie’s rating: 5/5 

Featured Illustration by Isabella Alva

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