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Leave Hillary alone!

Leave Hillary alone!

Leave Hillary alone!
September 13
20:50 2016

The Internet is too hard on Hillary Clinton. Although she’s far from perfect, and we shouldn’t forgive the things she’s done, she deserves a break. And compared to Donald Trump, some might say Hillary is a saint.

Where insulting Trump tends to be superficial, focusing on his bad spray tan and hair piece, slander towards Hillary is more than skin deep. Donald Trump is much less qualified (if at all) to run for president, but somehow, Hillary bears the brunt of all of the worst insults.

She learned from presidents. She watched her husband play commander-in-chief, and then learned from Obama. She’s worked in the White House. Yet still, people have the gall to question whether she will be able to lead.

People tune her out in the debates because she’s “boring,” but talking policy isn’t always sexy. In this odd place in history, a presidential debate is more like a high school prom contest than running to lead the country. She may flip flop on policy. She may have made bad policy calls in the past. That shouldn’t be easily forgiven, but at least Hillary has been in an opportunity to make those mistakes.

Donald Trump has sat on the sidelines, rolling in his money while Hillary actually worked in government.

On Trump’s website, he only outlines seven broad positions, including one for his mystical wall. Hillary’s website outlines 38 specific issues. Get him talking about anything other than racist remarks, and you’ll soon find out Trump has little idea about how the government actually works.

Trump seems to always get the easy card though. No one asks him hard questions about his policy or makes him explain himself. Even when he makes ridiculous claims (like he can make Mexico pay for his wall), no one asks him to elaborate. Whether we do this because we know he can’t, or because we respect him more than Hillary, is unclear.

Hillary’s health and personal life are always somehow present in the media. People continually remark that she can’t run a country if she couldn’t keep her husband from cheating on her. As if it’s her fault that her husband committed adultery and that it will in any way affect how well she might lead a nation.

Trump is also older than Hillary, but you never see his health being questioned. Perhaps because his doctor put everyone at ease with his letter that’s totally legitimate and wasn’t written hastily in 5 minutes. Meanwhile, Hillary’s health has been questioned and berated throughout her entire campaign. Including now. You faint once at a memorial and suddenly the Internet conspires that you’re secretly dying.

A candidate shouldn’t be ostracized for not disclosing an illness. Pneumonia will not have any sort of effect on how Hillary will lead if elected. Trump’s wacky doctor letter is the only medical information he’s disclosed, yet his health isn’t in question whatsoever.

The fact is, people will find any reason to hate Hillary Clinton right now. Maybe it’s a sexist thing, or perhaps Donald Trump is just harder to scrutinize. She’s definitely not perfect, but she’s the best we’ve got. Stop looking for every little flaw in her personal life, and start finding reasons why she might be better than Trump.

Featured Illustration: Sam Wiggins

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    P September 17, 14:56

    A candidate ‘s health is a major issue, especially when the office is the presidency. Voters have a right to be aware of any conditions that might impede the ability to perform.

    Mrs Clinton needs to be more forthcoming regarding the results of her neurology report, which was not released with other information. Trump needs to be held to the same standard. However, he’s not the one passing out at events.

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