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Letter to the editor: UNT doesn’t care about small businesses

Letter to the editor: UNT doesn’t care about small businesses

Letter to the editor: UNT doesn’t care about small businesses
March 04
13:37 2019

Here are my thoughts about UNTs recent decisions. I don’t know if I’ll be heard but I figured this was a good start.

To start off, the day I was accepted to UNT was the happiest day of my life. I couldn’t wait to make a fresh start in the lively town of Denton. I fell in love with my tour and I knew I made the right decision during orientation.

I was excited to see that my dorm was next to a reasonably priced bookstore (because I couldn’t afford the Barnes & Noble) and next to a Dollar General and Sack ‘N Save for other necessities. I was completely on my own. No car, supporting myself with what little money I made with my on-campus job.

I got myself by on purely the Avenue C strip. “Just going to Wal-Mart” wasn’t an option for me. I don’t think my first semesters at UNT would have been as successful as they were if the necessities I needed weren’t so close.

Over the years, the cashiers grew to know me and made me feel welcome. They gave me insights on great deals and let me know the best ways to use coupons. I learned so many life skills thanks to that little strip.

However, that happiness and family-feel was quickly replaced by fear. They knew UNT was coming for the land.

They were more scared than me. For me, I just had to figure out a different way to obtain necessities. However, for those employees, they were scared for their lives. It was a matter of life for them.

They had to rethink their careers. They had to find new jobs and it became obvious really quick that UNT only cared about money.

What did it matter that nothing was done with the ‘Sack N Save’? What did it matter that old buildings were still flooding and falling apart? What did it matter that roads on campus were riddled with potholes? None of that mattered.

My attitude toward UNT quickly soured. That pride I felt to be at a great school turned to shame. What once was an encouragement for potential students to join turned into recommendations for other schools. Why encourage others to go to a school that only cares about money? Why bother encouraging others to join a place that has no concern for what the student body actually needs?

Sure UNT is a commuter school, but why have no regards for students that aren’t well off enough to afford cars?

It was honestly no surprise that UNT used eminent domain to obtain these businesses. Of course UNT finds a way to weasel around and destroy small businesses. It’s shameful. It’s a huge middle finger to the student body and the whole community of Denton.

You have, and will continue to be, a whirlwind of disappointment and shame. Maybe consider changing the mascot from an Eagle to dollar signs? It’s more fitting.

Jessica Jones is a UNT alumna.
Featured Image: New York Subhub sits near the intersection of Avenue C and Eagle Drive. New York Subhub has operated at its current location since 1979. Image by: Will Baldwin.

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  1. Yancy F.
    Yancy F. March 05, 14:05

    this is a bit much

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  2. Stan Lee
    Stan Lee March 05, 19:24

    Jessica Jones – Use your super strength to fight the man. Engage all of Hell’s Kitchen to right this major wrong.

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  3. Dbmoorejr
    Dbmoorejr March 05, 20:19

    I am a UNT alumni. I was born and raised in Denton. I am a lifelong resident. So….A big middle finger right back at you for assuming all of the community is behind this action. The New York Subway restaurant in question is one that I have frequented since it opened. I have known the Christensen’s since they opened it. In my personal opinion, it should be declared a historical marker and left alone. I’ve also made it clear that shouldn’t call me for support in the future. Eminent Domain is wrong. Period! The city should also be ashamed for not only allowing it, but supporting it.

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    • TME
      TME March 06, 08:17

      The author didn’t imply a middle finger up to the community from themself but that these actions were like UNT giving a middle finger to the community.

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  4. NTDailyAlumna
    NTDailyAlumna March 06, 08:02

    As an alum, I rebuke the middle finger comment. We are smarter than that.
    Okay, so, perhaps there is a resolution in here somewhere. We do need to protect small businesses and UNT has to grow and update. How can the 2 work together effectively? If I were you, iI would reach out to the president and chancellor directly as well. Join the alumni association so that you can have a platform to share your concerns on too. I really appreciate the time you took to write this and understand your perspective.

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  5. Ghostfreak
    Ghostfreak March 07, 00:20

    My own opinion of UNT is also souring given they made Chicken Express, Dollar General, IHOP, and BOTH Subways move over the year I was gone and look to be doing the same to Sub Hub.

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