Letter: UNT and Denton need more resources for homeless students

Letter: UNT and Denton need more resources for homeless students

November 02
17:50 2016

Dear Editor,

As a student at UNT, it has come to my attention that there is a large population of students that is experiencing homelessness and having a hard time affording food.

Personally, I believe that there are not enough programs/resources for this population here in Denton. More importantly, there is only one resource here at UNT to help out those experiencing homelessness or in need of food. As a social work student, I was shocked to find out that currently, the only resource for students is a food pantry. However, the food pantry is only based off of current needs. Due to the fact that I have met those who are experiencing homelessness, providing temporary food will not be a permanent solution to helping students thrive.

Based on the UNT website, the food pantry is only open on the weekdays. If these students work and go to class full time, the food pantry will not benefit them. If UNT is committed to helping students when they need it, UNT should have more resources to help out one of the most vulnerable students on campus. As a college student, I already have a hard enough time focusing on completing homework. I could not imagine also having to worry about where I was going to sleep or where my next meal was coming from.

In order to make a difference, UNT should implement a program to help students who do not have a place to live. Providing more scholarships to these students or even placing them in available dorm rooms until they can get back on their feet would be possible solutions. Additionally, UNT could benefit from hiring social workers to take on cases in order to find more resources out in the community for these students. Raising awareness and standing up for these students is one way we can help out.

With more focused students, the university can only thrive.


Madison Harper

About Author

Dalton LaFerney

Dalton LaFerney

Dalton is the editor of the Daily.

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  1. Mari
    Mari October 16, 18:20

    Is there any type of help for this students? I’m in need of help.

    Reply to this comment

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