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Melania Trump has failed her duties as FLOTUS

Melania Trump has failed her duties as FLOTUS

Melania Trump has failed her duties as FLOTUS
October 17
11:00 2020

When Donald Trump became president, not many of us knew much about first lady Melania Trump. All we knew about her was she was a former model who migrated to the United States from Slovenia. However, throughout her husband’s campaigning for the presidency in 2016, it was pretty apparent in her body language that being apart of U.S. politics did not interest her. 

The title of first lady has given women the opportunity to bring about change in the U.S.. From Jackie Kennedy’s program to showcase the history of the U.S. within the White House and the importance of the arts, to Michelle Obama’s focus on helping working mothers find a balance between family and employment commitments and helping fight child obesity, these women have all brought public issues to the forefront and have implemented some change that lasts to this day. 

For her public cause, Melania Trump decided to start a campaign called “Be Best” which focuses on all the major issues children may be facing in current society and encourages them to “be their best” in their own individual paths. While it is well-intended, this initiative has not been productive whatsoever because Melania sees it as a way to better her public image. To her, this is merely a public relations stunt rather than a plan to genuinely help children in need. 

In 2018, Melania visited the southern border to meet with the children in detention centers. This trip was marred in controversy since she wore a jacket with the words, “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” Trump was accused of being insensitive since child separation and the conditions at the border were less than accommodating. Recordings from a former advisor were recently leaked where Trump can be heard complaining about people criticizing her “Be Best” initiative. “They said ‘Oh, what about the children that were separated?’ Give me a f***ing break,” said Melania, “Were they saying anything when Obama did that?”

When she wore that controversial jacket, many did not think much of it, but given these leaks, one can infer that she had purposeful intentions in her choice of fashion. These leaks also portray how she complains about Christmas decorations. This clearly demonstrates her privilege and lack of interest in her role as first lady because there are obviously more pressing issues than Christmas decorations. While I understand that the image and decor of the White House are held in much higher regard than the average American household, it is wildly insensitive to prioritize decorations over an initiative that deals with at-risk children. 

A key problem in all of this is how Melania fails to realize that she herself is an immigrant. Perhaps she didn’t deal with the same issues immigrants are currently dealing with, but her privilege definitely shows. Also, she doesn’t bat an eye to her husband’s rhetoric and actions. If the leaks are any indication, it seems very unlikely she will ever publicly condemn them.

The first lady serves as a means to bring unity among the American people. Melania Trump has done the opposite of that. In fact, she rarely addresses the American people and only addresses them when it is time for an event for the press or the White House. Some may argue she may not be so public due to wanting to maintain her own privacy, which is understandable. However, one must understand that when you hold one of the most public offices in the world, privacy is essentially lost and you are almost expected to be very open and determined to serve the people. 

Personally, I think some of the issues surrounding her role as first lady stem from the actions and rhetoric of her husband. However, she is equally as complacent to the things he says and does as his presidency goes on. Her concern for her public image rather than her initiative to help children, the extent of her complaints about decor issues, lack of interest in working on social issues in our society and her immense privilege have consistently shown us why she is not fit for this role and has failed her duties as first lady

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