Miss Garrison and Jenny and the Mexicats to play at SXSW festival

Miss Garrison and Jenny and the Mexicats to play at SXSW festival

Miss Garrison and Jenny and the Mexicats to play at SXSW festival
March 16
12:24 2016

Erica Wieting | Features Editor


Two bands will bring a Latin flavor to the South by Southwest music festival this week. Miss Garrison and Jenny and the Mexicats will appear on stage March 16, 18 and 20 during the event.

Miss Garrison

Miss Garrison has two performance slots during the week: 11 p.m. Wednesday, March 16 at the Sledge Hammer and 10 p.m. Saturday, March 19 at Maggie Mae’s. Although this will not be their first time on North American soil, Wednesday will be their first SXSW debut.

Vocalist, drummer and keyboard player Francisca Strabue leads the band of three, which also consists of guitarist and vocalist Rodrigo De La Rivera and bassist, synthesizer and baseliner Tomas Rivera.

“We got the idea to go last year,” Rivera said. “So we sent the form, we got selected and it was a no-brainer. We had to go.”

The band was on tour in Columbia when they had the idea to apply for the American festival. While it has Chilean roots, Rivera said the band has Mexican and American sounds as well.

Rivera is the newest addition to the band. Strabue and De La Rivera started Miss Garrison in 2008, making their first record in Chile and the second in Europe. For the third album, which Rivera joined the duo for, they are recording in New York.

“[The album] is more punk than the other two,” Rivera said. “We’re changing things. There are ups and downs.”

Their equipment will be slightly limited at SXSW, as Rivera said it was too complicated to bring everything with them to Austin, but he said that wouldn’t matter. Band members are going to switch instruments during the show for what Rivera said will be a fun and wild experience.

“There will be more sound of our later EP in New York at the festival,” he said. “Less drums and more focus on synth and electronic bass, electronic drums.”

Jenny and the Mexicats

At 11 p.m. Friday, March 18, Jenny and the Mexicats will fill the Continental Club with rock ‘n’ roll, jazz and pop sounds. Formed by members of various nationalities, the band sings in both English and Spanish.

Bassist Icho and flamanco guitar player Pantera, both from Mexico, met trumpeter, vocalist, composer and Briton Jenny Ball in Madrid in 2008. One-named musician David, well-known for playing a Peruvian, box-shaped percussion instrument called the cajón, was the last to join.

“At the beginning, we had a lot of language barriers within the band,” Icho said. “We’re all from different parts of music… what we do [during songwriting] is everyone gives their ideas, then we make decisions.”

In Mexico and Spain, the band is well-known and used to playing house shows. They usually play with a lot of sound, light shows and video, Icho said. At SXSW this weekend, they will have 45 minutes to grab their audience’s attention.

“We don’t have plans for our songs yet,” Icho said. “It’ll be something off-tempo, some English, some Spanish. Once we get there, we’ll feel the vibe of the venue.”

The band is independently labeled and is currently working on its third album, which is slated to release in June. It will have synthetic, jazz, classical and rock ‘n’ roll sounds.

A lack of electric guitar sets Jenny and the Mexicats apart, as does the presence of an upright bass.

“We’re a band that has something for everybody,” Icho said. “I hope people come see us and get interested and curious in our music.”

Featured Image: Courtesy | Jenny and the Mexicats

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  1. Vale Rojic
    Vale Rojic March 17, 08:01

    It is the other way arround. Staube and Rivera started the band, and De La Rivera joined later.

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