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Month of Horror: Who will win “Monster Madness?”

Month of Horror: Who will win “Monster Madness?”

Month of Horror: Who will win “Monster Madness?”
October 23
11:00 2020

Over the last month, I have been conducting Twitter polls to see what horror icon is the best of the best. To see the results thus far, or to vote in the current matchups, find the polls on my Twitter @OberkromJaden

The final matchup of the month is going to be between Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, who belong to two of the biggest horror franchises out there — “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th.” So, how do horror’s top villians match up? For a better understanding, I am going to break it down into three different categories. First, we are going to look at what movies are better overall, because I feel like that is the most important. Second, we are going to see which franchise has better kills and practical effects. Lastly, I am going to break things down in a literal sense and see who would win if these two were to literally fight each other to the death. Let’s get into what makes an evil horror movie character truly terrifying.


Without any real discussion, I am already going to have to give this category to “Halloween.” I think the best “Friday the 13th” movie is as good as the fourth-best Halloween movie. Every movie in the “Friday the 13th” franchise is extremely formulaic and repetitive. However, each movie in the “Halloween” franchise is a little different from the last, though sometimes that does not work in the franchise’s favor. I think it is important to note these franchises that made it into the final poll are not the best horror movies out there, yet everyone knows who these icons are. It just goes to show that horror doesn’t have to be good to make an impact — it is all about a collective enjoyment of the genre.

Winner: “Halloween”

Practical Effects and Kills

Both of our horror icons tend to use some sort of bladed weapon when taking their victims, so in terms of that, I can’t say this will be an easy one to decide. Michael will go for traditional stabs with a kitchen knife, while Jason will hack away with a machete. I will say, Jason tends to be a bit more creative though.  Where we can differentiate between the two is in the practical effects. I am an absolute sucker for amazing practical effects, and Tom Savini is the king of them. His work on the “Friday the 13th” franchise is absolutely stunning, and without his work on those movies, they would be truly lost.

Winner: “Friday the 13th”

Fight to the Death

We have seen Jason fight Freddy Krueger before, but a fight between two giants like Michael and Jason would prove to be something a lot of people would want to watch. I feel like these two fighting each other would be like two semi-trucks constantly driving into each other head-on, only to put it in reverse and drive into each other again. There would be no real fighting tactics here — it would literally be two giant dudes slashing and hacking their way through the entire fight. We have seen versions of Jason where he is a zombie, and we have also seen versions of Michael where there is some weird dark magic keeping him alive, so I genuinely can’t decide who would win this matchup. Do you know who can decide? You, when you vote on the final matchup that starts at noon on Oct. 24. Stay tuned to see who will take home the title of horror icon, when the winner is announced on Halloween. If it were up to me, though, I would have no choice but to back up Michael Myers.

Winner: “Halloween”

Who’s your ultimate horror icon? Cast your vote in the final Monster Madness poll on Oct. 24 and see if your franchise comes out on top.

Featured image: Courtesy Paramount Pictures

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