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National stories we’re watching on Election Day 2016

National stories we’re watching on Election Day 2016

National stories we’re watching on Election Day 2016
November 08
12:22 2016

9 p.m.

Update: shooting near Los Angeles polling place now has one death, additional lockdowns

By Circe Marez

CNN added that the initial shooting lead to a full on gun battle between police and a female shooter, and possibly a male shooter as well. The residential area’s previous two victims were female, the gender of the dead victim is unknown, and police sighted an additional body in a residential doorway, but could not confirm whether they were dead or alive.

There are also two schools on lockdown and three tactical teams on the street. The Los Angeles County Sherrif’s Department doubts the shootings being tied to the election.


Man accused of trying to vote twice

By Marleine Calderon

A man was arrested for trying to vote twice in Fort Bend County. Authorities said he voted early last week and returned to vote again on Tuesday.

Poll workers noticed man had voted, but thought it was a mistake. Man was confronted by poll workers and he claimed to be a Trump supporter and admitted to trying to vote twice to “test the system.”


6:58 p.m.

UPDATE: Shooting near Los Angeles polling places now places two locations on lockdown

Byline: Marleine Calderon

Two polling places are under lockdown while police continue to look for a heavily armed male shooter who killed one and injured three others near a middle school in Azusa, California, NBCLA reported.

The incident was reported at 2:05 p.m. local time. Los Angeles County Registrar is advising voters to go to other polling places and avoid the area. 


6:47 p.m.

Two North Carolina polling places extend hours

By Anjulie Van Sickle

Polls in two North Carolina counties extended voting by half an hour, until 8 p.m., according to an NPR update.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections approved the extended voting times in three precincts in the vital swing state: two in Durham and one is Columbus County.

There was a technical issue in North Carolina counties, including Durham County, causing voting delays and forcing officials to extend polling hours,

Statewide elections will not be released until the last polls close at 9 p.m. ET.


6:05 p.m.

Shooting in Azusa neighborhood of Los Angeles forces polling place lockdown

By Marleine Calderon

A Los Angeles polling place is under lockdown while police look for at least one heavily armed shooter who injured four people near a middle school in Azusa, California, NBCLA reported.

The incident was reported at 2:05 p.m. local time. One person was taken to the hospital.

Fraudulent mail-in votes may cause West Dallas voters to be turned away

By Circe Marez

Officials and West Dallas residents suggest that many false mail-in votes have been sent in on the behalf of many elderly and possibly deceased residents, according to The Dallas Morning News

A voting clerk said at least 15 elderly people voted and were turned away because they had “already voted” via mail-in ballots. This has happened with at least one attempt to early vote as well. Many of these elderly voters, discouraged, walked away without voting, but some worked to get their mail-in ballot revoked so that they could vote for themselves.

Many of the elderly who were affected recalled suspicious activity, including searching through mailboxes of the deceased and shady retrieval of signatures in late September.


North Carolina may extend poll hours

By Marleine Calderon

There was a technical issue in North Carolina counties, including Durham County, causing voting delays and forcing officials to extend polling hours, The Washington Post reported.

Paper poll books had to be used in the county to look up voters and check them in manually.

Voting rights groups urged the county to request extra time from the state board to check in voters. The North Carolina State Board of Elections will meet to consider extra time requests from the counties where the technical issue delayed voting.

Donald Trump and white nationalist David Duke appear side by side on Louisiana ballot

By Austin Cox

Former Klansman and “alt-right” movement leader David Duke appeared next to Republican candidate Donald Trump on the Louisiana ballot, The Washington Post reported.

Early in the campaign, Trump refused to condemn Duke’s endorsement of his campaign, but in subsequent interviews disavowed Duke.


Anti-Trump ‘rebels’ project a Star Wars themed message outside of Trump Tower

By Haley Yates

Rebels projected anti-Trump messages on multiple buildings outside of Trump Tower in New York City Monday evening, Gothamist reported.

In the hopes of increasing voter turn-out and defeating “Darth Trump,” Kyle Depew, Chris Rogy, Grayson Earle and Daniel Latorre loaded a van with a home theater projector and other equipment, casting Star Wars themed text across Manhattan.

They ended the message with a simple request: “GRAB HIM BY THE BALLOT.” Trump supporters and NYPD officers arrived and caused the organizers to disperse.

4:15 p.m.

Dallas County election judge assaulted and robbed

By James Norman

A Dallas county election judge was assaulted and robbed at a Garland grocery store early Tuesday morning, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Election judge Lane Sullivan was picking up donuts for the poll workers at her station when she as assaulted and suffered a broken arm, local media reported.

After reporting the incident to Dallas police, she stopped by her polling station briefly and then went home. A replacement judge was sent in her place and the station opened without any issues.

Two women arrested for protesting topless at Trump’s New York polling place

By James Norman

Two protesters went topless early Tuesday morning at Donald Trump’s polling location, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The women arrived a little after 8 a.m. local time and began chanting and had comments written on their bodies referencing Trump’s previous comments regarding women.

According to the New York Daily News, the protest went on for less than a minute before they were arrested. Donald Trump arrived at 11 a.m. local time to cast his vote, where he was met with boos and cheers.

With Senate at stake, voters will decide ruling party

By Marleine Calderon

There are 34 contested Senate seats this election with Republicans having to defend 24 seats to keep their majority, USA Today reported.

Democrats need a net gain of five seats to win the majority. If the Senate is split 50-50, the winning party’s vice president will act as the tie-breaker. Out of the 34 seats, 23 are likely to remain in the same party after the election, so Senate control will come down to eight races.

Republicans are in danger of losing seats in Illinois, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Indiana. Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are considered tossups, with about a 2 percentage-point difference between candidates. Democrats are in danger of losing Nevada, but the race is considered a tossup, according to USA Today.

The outcomes of Louisiana and Georgia may not be known for weeks. There are 24 candidates running for the seat in Louisiana. Georgia Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson has been ahead of his opponents. At least one candidate needs 50 percent of the vote on Tuesday from both states, otherwise there will be a runoff election Dec. 10 for Louisiana and Jan. 10 for Georgia.

5 key states show considerably high turnout on Election Day

By Anna Orr

The voter turnout in Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin and Ohio are all considerably high but still haven’t labeled which way the states will swing for the 2016 election, CNN reported.

As of Tuesday morning in Colorado, approximately 2.2 million people have shown up to vote, the turnout was 771,745 Republicans and 753,052 Democrats.

In Virginia, 57,382 have voted out of 238,498 registered voters. Georgia showed 2,381,416 ballots cast among early voters, and with vote-by-mail foreshadowing a large turnout for Tuesday, Georgia may break records.

The swing state, Ohio, did not have record breaking outcomes, but they still had a large turnout of voters.

In Wisconsin it was predicted an alleged 70% of registered voters would turnout to the polls by Tuesday evening.


VIDEO: Voting machine in Philadelphia captures polling machine malfunction

By Anna Orr

A Philadelphia voter posted a video on Election Day attempting to change his vote from Clinton/Kaine to Trump/Pence with no success, the Washington Post reported.

The voter was eventually able to vote for Trump after getting help from a poll worker.

Judge dismisses Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Clark County in Nevada

By James Norman

A Nevada judge rejected Donald Trump’s request for the state to preserve voting records at four separate voting locations, Business Insider reported.

The locations in question were kept open two hours later than scheduled Friday night to accommodate those still waiting in line. Trump wanted those who were working the stations to be named. He is also claiming those who voted after 7 p.m. on Friday should not be “co-mingled” with other votes.

The judge who dismissed the case said the law currently in place states those who waited in line are permitted to vote and their votes should be counted.


Women have been leaving “I Voted” stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s grave

By Bina Perino

Since suffragette Susan B. Anthony never got the chance to vote, women Tuesday have been leaving their “I voted” stickers on her grave, the New York Times reported.

Women covered the gravestone at Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, N.Y. with their stickers behind a line of hundreds of people who went to pay their respects at her grave. People left thank you notes to the woman who was arrested for fighting for women’s right to vote, something she was not able to do before her death in 1906.

The cemetery opened early, at 7:30 a.m., and will remain open late.



Trump campaign sues Nevada county registrar, reports BBC

By Shain E. Thomas

The Trump campaign is filing a lawsuit against a Nevada county registrar, reports BBC.

Joe P. Gloria, the Nevada county registrar, allegedly allowed polling stations to remain open two hours beyond the official closing time.

In response to legal action, Nevada county spokesperson Dan Kulin is reported to have said only those people which had arrived before the established closing time were allowed to cast their votes. No one was allowed to join the line after closing time.

is suing a county registrar in Nevada for keeping polling stations open late on an early voting day.


12:23 p.m.

Trump welcomed with boos to cast his vote

By Courtney Anderson

Donald Trump arrived at Manhattan’s Public School 59, located about five blocks from Trump Tower, on Tuesday to cast his vote, according to The New York Times.

The Republican nominee was accompanied by his wife, Melania, and daughter, Ivanka, and were greeted by jeers and heckling from bystanders as they exited their motorcade. Trump did not acknowledge any protesters.

As he was leaving the school, the hissing continued. One woman nearby was shouting “loser” multiple times at the candidate. Trump and his family returned to the motorcade and left minutes after casting their ballots.


Eric Trump tweets picture of his ballot. Is that legal?

By Adalberto Toledo

Eric Trump tweeted a picture of his filled-out ballot Tuesday morning, which is illegal in the state of New York, the New York Daily News reported.


“It is an incredible honor to vote for my father! He will do such a great job for the U.S.A! #MakeAmericanGreatAgain,” said Trump’s tweet. His tweet, which came in just after 7 a.m., may cost him a $1,000 fine. 

Clinton becomes first woman to cast a ballot for herself

By Evan Groom

The Los Angeles Times reported on Hillary Clinton casting her vote Chappaqua, N.Y., voting site, hugging and taking selfies with her supporters.

Clinton said she would do the very best she could if she was fortunate enough to win. Bill Clinton was asked about how he might feel being the first spouse.

“I’ve had 15 years of experience,” he said.


Number of eligible white voters on decline

By Evan Groom

Pew Research findings show 31 percent of eligible voters will be racial or ethnic minorities, the highest in electorate history, CNN reported.

The findings also show that white voters eligible to vote have been on a steady decline and is the lowest in history. Most estimates suggest the white vote this year will be around 69 percent, a three percentage-point decline in four years.

They attribute much of this decline to an increase in diversity and increased Latino population in the U.S.

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