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#NoFutureNoChildren is a movement doomed to fail

#NoFutureNoChildren is a movement doomed to fail

#NoFutureNoChildren is a movement doomed to fail
October 15
17:05 2019

#NoFutureNoChildren is a growing movement where young people are agreeing to not have children until the government ensures them that earth will provide a safe environment for their future children to live in. At the time of writing this article, there are over 5,163 signatures. 

But is this the start of a legitimate movement or should it be treated as nothing more than a passing trend? 

The movement was created by Emma Lin who said on the website for #NoFutureNoChildren that she always dreamed of being a mother. She states that her concerns of economic instability and extreme weather has stopped her from pursuing one of her biggest dreams that if her kids can’t see the leaves change color as fall begins to settle in, she would rather not bring them into the world. 

I will say that she isn’t really misplaced in her fears.

According to NASA, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere had never risen above 320 in human history before 1950. Today, the level of carbon dioxide is nearly 420 and the industrial revolution has been cited as a direct cause for the increase of carbon dioxide. Earth’s average surface temperature has increased 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit which means that summers are becoming warmer on a global scale and sea levels have increased eight inches in the past century. 

While I fully support causes that will inspire others to take global warming and climate change more seriously, I don’t think this movement is an appropriate call to action.  

First, one has to take into account how many people are going to sign the pledge and actually follow through on their end of the commitment. It’s possible for a particular niche of people who really dedicate themselves to the cause but are not realistic for an entire generation of teenagers to actively participate in. 

You have to realize that teenagers aren’t always going to make decisions that they’re going to follow through with. This isn’t a knock on teenagers. I will be the first to admit I set goals for myself at 18 that fell through, but at 23, I am definitely a different from the person I was five years ago. Hobbies that interested me back then aren’t as interesting to me anymore. That leads me to my next point, does this movement really have enough momentum to stand on its own legs? 

In an article by USA Today, the pledge received 1,200 signatures at the time of its publication. The article was released Sept. 19. and has since gotten 3,963 more signatures. That might seem like a decent amount of people, but the numbers are not living up to the media hype that surrounds it. If someone had less than 6,000 subscribers on YouTube, you wouldn’t say that their channel is making an impact on the level of a channel like PewDiePie or T-Series.

The movement is not really creating a dent in the grand scheme of things. 

Most importantly, who is to say that the pleas of those who sign the pledge fall on the deaf ears of the government? How is the threat of teenagers not having children going to make a light bulb light over government officials heads on climate change? Besides the threat of remaining childless, there is nothing else at stake to make government officials care if they don’t already. The movement would need a giant influx of signatures and global support to make world leaders take notice or action. The only problem is that not everyone in the general public is sold on the idea of climate change. 

While the movement has good intentions, it ultimately falls through because they are only appealing to a certain demographic and alienating others.

There is no other plan of action for the movement to push things forward and there is not enough support for this movement to have a strong foundation which will render it utterly pointless. If you’re looking for a movement to create change, #NoFutureNoChildren isn’t it.

Featured Illustration: Thomas Strimpel

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