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North Texas Daily settles for Joe Biden

North Texas Daily settles for Joe Biden

North Texas Daily settles for Joe Biden
October 15
12:00 2020

We at the North Texas Daily, for the sake of our struggling democracy, endorse former Vice President Joesph R. Biden for President of the United States.

Donald Trump has proven in these four years that his personal gain is worth more than the welfare and prosperity of this country. Trump represents the antithesis of every value conservatives pride themselves on. It’d be easy for this paper to suggest voting for anyone but Trump – however, that’s not a viable option at this moment in American history.

We at the North Texas Daily endorse Biden because elections have consequences.

National elections are about policy choices that will impact millions of people’s lives. In the 2000 presidential election, George Bush’s “defeat” over Al Gore had profound effects on policy in the United States for decades that we’re still dealing with now. Five hundred and thirty-seven votes in Flordia and the suppression of thousands more nationwide in the pre-election resulted in Bush pulling the United States out of the Kyoto Protocol to reduce CO2 emissions. Then came a massive tax cut for the rich that wiped out a massive budget surplus, and then an illegal war in Iraq. It’d be hard to imagine we’d go down this same path under Gore.

We understand that for some, elections are personal. We obsess over a candidate’s character because we vote for symbols. We want our politicians to represent our values and identities, in their personal lives as well as their policies. Politics, however, are a muddy affair.

If presidential elections were just a beauty contest, or to vote for the person we find the least disgusting or most admirable, we probably wouldn’t vote as much. But as privileged citizens of this deeply flawed nation, we don’t have the luxury to hold elections hostage for our moral outrage. Too much is at stake in this country and for the world.

If you choose to vote for a third party or to just skip the election, that’s your decision, but you should be fully informed of what that entails.

Is Biden ideal? Far from it. Would America be a better country with Biden at the helm than Trump? Undoubtedly so.

Trump has proven time and time again that he’s either mentally stunted or very ill. Trump is personally responsible for the preventable death of more American lives than Vietnam, suggested we inject bleach into our lungs to prevent COVID-19 and told a journalist that he enjoyed downplaying the severity of the virus.

Trump is literally on tape saying he can “grab women by the p*ussy” and has allegations from 26 women who have said he’s done similar things. He’s admitted that he’s defrauded charities, extorted allies for personal gain (which lead to his impeachment), contemplated dating his own daughter, consorted with a convicted pedophile, cheated on his multiple wives, likely committed tax fraud, refused to repudiate endorsements of white nationalists groups for his presidential campaign, put children in cages and is without a doubt tied with Ronald Reagan as the most reprehensible human being to ever sit in the Oval Office.

No Trump supporter can reasonably claim they care about the personal or moral behavior of the president when they support the same party that impeached Bill Clinton for his extramarital affairs back in 1998. And IF they did care, and they really don’t, Biden would still be a preferable candidate.

Policy-wise Biden supersedes Trump in every issue. Biden has policies for student loan forgiveness. A stimulus program that focuses on individuals and small business. While a member of congress, he was the 2nd poorest member in the senate because he had no outside income or investment income (something which should be required of all politicians.) He’s endorsed by “End Citizens United” and “Let’s America Vote,” with policies trying to remove money from politics. He’s embraced the Green New Deal. While labeled a moderate, his agenda is far more progressive than Hillary Clinton. He pushed Obama to support same-sex marriage in 2012, leading to the largest LGBTQ push from the White House ever. Wants marijuana decriminalized and all current/prior convictions expunged.  Biden is even endorsed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Noam Chomsky and Andrew Yang. But these are all just promises and policies, and actions speak louder than words.

Biden is not immune to criticism, however, and the Daily has not shied away from criticizing the former VP in our paper. Biden needs to apologize for his treatment of Anita Hill in 1991. He needs to go further with federally legalizing marijuana in the US. The student debt problem in the US that stemmed from a 2005 GOP bill wouldn’t have passed if Biden pushed harder against it. He may have a plan for loan forgiveness but he’s a big contributor to the original problem. Biden might have a decent track record with environmental issues, but his stance to not ban fracking is not a good look to us.

How the candidate field narrowed to just Biden and Trump is beyond anyone here at the Daily and you’d think this country would find a better option but to pretend that these two men are even on the same plane of being is actually ludicrous. Biden may not be the best President this country will have, but Trump is a national humiliation. His incompetence and malice are an actual threat to this republic, and that alone barring actual policy, is enough to vote for the other guy.

Featured Illustration by Miranda Thomas

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