Parker House lures in thrill-seeking visitors for haunting Halloween fun

Parker House lures in thrill-seeking visitors for haunting Halloween fun

Parker House lures in thrill-seeking visitors for haunting Halloween fun
November 01
08:51 2017

Down a long gravel road and hidden among a patch of trees looms a tall house with a dark past.

Haunted by its history of murder, torture and black market activity, former residents and victims of the Parker House still roam the property today waiting for people to visit the eerie grounds.

Parker House is a haunted house attraction that opens every year during the month of October, bringing in large crowds of eager visitors each weekend.

“We have so many different attractions and such a strong storyline, and I think that really makes us stand out from other haunted houses,” Parker House actress Adrienne Jones said.

The main attraction, the Parker House Mortuary, was a family-run morgue until the death of Mr. and Mrs. Parker due to a plane crash. The tragedy left their daughter, Mary Parker, to continue the family business on her own. However, her actions soon turned dark when she began to realize business was plummeting.

“The mortuary started going downhill, so Mary Parker decided she would have to make money somehow and began selling body parts and organs on the black market,” Jones said.

Also featured is the Ratliff Sanitarium, where hundreds of patients experienced abuse, neglect and corrupt treatments from the doctors. Near the house is a cemetery haunted by Mary Parker’s victims, and the surrounding forest hides a family of cannibals waiting for people to wander into their clutches.

“We have our graveyard where all the zombies are,” Jones said. “Then you head up the trail, and that’s where you get to meet all the sadistic backwoods hillbillies. Then you come up to the sanitarium, where we have these doctors doing all sorts of crazy treatments on the patients.”

One of the main reasons people find Parker House so entertaining is the elaborate story behind it.

While some haunted houses may just have various scary characters thrown together to frighten people, Parker House creates a mood that transports the visitors into the eerie story and terrifies them to the core.

“We come up with our own ideas and put them into action, and we bring them to life,” Jones said. “We don’t just have the cliché clowns come out and hack people up. We have a whole story and a theme. It’s more practical than most things — almost like it could happen.”

Parker House lures plenty of spook-searching customers in every year to provide them with a good scare and help them celebrate the Halloween season.

“People love being scared,” volunteer Brooklynne Langston said. “People in Denton have been coming here for years, and they tell their friends all about it. It really helps them get into the Halloween spirit.”

Parker House gains more and more visitors each year thanks to their own efforts to improve their business as well as the positive messages their customers pass on. Word of mouth helps their exposure.

“We really work on getting our name out there, and we’ve been very busy this year,” Langston said. “One night, we had up to six or seven hundred people show up.”

Frequent visitor Hunter Johnson appreciates the realistic acting and costumes from all the workers at Parker House, and the quality of their performances continues to attract him.

“They have dedicated actors that always put on a fantastic show,” Johnson said. “Their makeup is another thing that makes it seem so real. All the actors spend hours getting ready each day, and they do not disappoint.”

Like most visitors, he also enjoys feeling immersed in the story and seeing the theme of the Parker House come to life around him.

“It’s really intense learning what Mary Parker did to people in the building you willingly walk through,” Johnson said. “It’s sure to get in your head and impress you.”

Parker House works hard to ensure guests feel satisfied with their experience. With a parking lot labeled “victim parking” and the creepy, labyrinthine layout of the property, customers are enveloped in the frightening aura of the attraction.

Even for the most seasoned of haunted house enthusiasts, the organizers of the Parker House guarantee unique frights for all visitors.

“I definitely think the atmosphere we portray is what really scares people,” Jones said. “You come out here in the middle of nowhere, you have no idea where anything is, you don’t know where you are and you don’t know what you’re going to see next. There’s always a twist — no matter what.”

Featured Image: Parker House is a haunted house attraction that opens every year during the month of October. Kelsey Shoemaker

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