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Pi Kappa Phi suspended until 2020, residents of house set to move out by October 31

Pi Kappa Phi suspended until 2020, residents of house set to move out by October 31

Pi Kappa Phi suspended until 2020, residents of house set to move out by October 31
October 11
00:25 2018

Fraternity Pi Kappa Phi has been suspended until 2020 due to a February incident in which members participated in hazing, as ruled by the university. All residents must be out of the fraternity house by Oct. 31.

The suspension came on Sept. 13 as a result of the hazing investigation. On Feb. 3, 2018, two active brothers of Pi Kappa Phi were filmed as one brother hit another. A student brought a screen-recorded Snapchat video of the incident to a student in position of power at the university, which was then passed on to the Dean of Students office. The video was reviewed on Feb. 6, after which it was determined it violated section IX F-2 of the student code of conduct — the hazing code.

A mother of one of the boys also called the university to complain about the incident involving her son.

“It makes me unhappy we got in trouble for hazing when we aren’t the ones engaging in such activity,” said Will Bodnar, vice president of Pi Kappa Phi and broadcast journalism sophomore. “I know it wasn’t hazing because I was there and both brothers willing were engaging in the horseplay, including being punched in the face.”

According to the incident report, obtained by a public information request, “the video showed a young man say he is what I assume is the organization’s word for new member (pledge), and that he was being ‘formally punished.’ Then you hear another person yell, ‘It’s ritual.’ Then you see a young man come from off-camera and punch the new member directly in the face. In the background you can see other young men taping the incident as well, and the ‘oh-ing’ as the new member is getting punched.”

Bodnar and other brothers from Pi Kappa Phi agreed that it was all voluntary and both members agreed to do it willingly.

“The university requires all students comply with the student code of conduct,” UNT spokeswoman Leigh Anne Gullett said.

Bodnar said one of the members has been a brother since fall 2017 and the other since spring 2017, and neither could have been a pledge — or as the report stated, “a new member” of the organization.

With the Dean of Students suspending Pi Kappa Phi, the fraternity will no longer be recognized as a registered organization on campus. All 18 students living in the Pi Kappa Phi house are slated to be evicted by the end of the month.

The members were told about the eviction notice on Sept. 27 and were originally supposed to be move out of the house by Oct. 21. However, the members filed an appeal with the university to ask for more time and received 10 additional days to find a new home.

Pi Kappa Phi house residents must either find a new house that could fit 18 people or find apartments.

“Living in the house was an amazing experience for the short time were there together,” said Joe Williams, Pi Kappa Phi resident and construction engineering technology sophomore. “The environment was fun, friendly, and everyone got along. There was always someone to talk to, and I had quiet spaces for studying if I didn’t want to go to Willis. From pingpong tournaments to making 10 grilled cheese sandwiches in a day, something was always going on.”

Williams said in his search for an apartment, he was told many in Denton were at 95 percent capacity. Williams also said he was told UNT Housing would reach out to the residents to assist them in finding alternative living arrangements, but he “didn’t get any personal email or call of any kind of helpful information.”

“The hardest part about all of this is that it’s midterm season,” Williams said. “Some guys in this house had to leave their jobs so they could manage school and moving so soon with the little time they had. One thing I want the student body to know is that this should never happen to anyone at this time of the year.”

Williams is hopeful for the future with his brothers and feels the bond of brotherhood will never fade.

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for all of us, gladly,” Williams said. “We unified together and actively looked for any kind of housing and communicated everything we possibly could to make it easier on everyone.”

Featured Image: Fraternity Pi Kappa Phi has been suspended following members hazing a new pledge. Matthew Flores

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  1. fratguy420
    fratguy420 October 11, 21:59

    lmao get wrecked

    Reply to this comment
  2. samjack
    samjack October 12, 09:19

    This article is filled with ‘ain’t it awful-ness’, but for me it raised numerous questions. 1) Who authored the incident report? Was it the Dean of Students, Greek Life, Police Dept.? What kind of reporter quotes someone without clarifying the source. Saying “unidentified” would be better than what was offered. 2) Apparently, that specific house has a long history of hazing incidents. There’s the story.

    What’s up with that? 3) What was the response from the fraternity’s national leadership’s? Were punishments issued to individual members, if not, why not?

    Too, I experienced some thoughts probably shared by many. a) That Bodner guy personifies stupidity. Claiming someone is already a member does not justify assault. And no one can grant permission to be hazed. Surely, the Greek Office teaches that idea. But maybe not. Do they? b) Bodner legitimizes every negative cliche spoken about fraternities. No, I do not believe most of them, but incidents like this validate those thoughts. Even the punishment supports that idea. Consider this: Assuming this report is correct, what’s the purpose of suspension? A) They hazed = suspension. B) They lied about it = nothing. Maybe UNT thinks lying is okay and shouldn’t be considered a separate offence.

    I don’t know the details of what happens in that house, but apparently, neither the students nor university officials have learned lessons from the past.

    To UNT Greek Life Officials: Grow some balls. Set some rules with serious punishments. Obviously, suspension is lame. Clean out the house (permanently) and make it ready for the next group of whinny, irresponsible men with high aspirations and minimum ethics.

    Reply to this comment
    • Green Man
      Green Man October 13, 07:08

      Armchair detective. All the answers, guilty pronouncements, maximum sentencing, major bias, major jealousy, zero details, zero investigation, zero tolerance. What a swell guy.

      Reply to this comment
  3. Kim
    Kim October 12, 10:28

    My son needs a room so he can live on campus.

    Reply to this comment
    • Jason Shotwell
      Jason Shotwell October 13, 10:46

      Hi Kim,

      I’m Jason Shotwell. Actually, I’m looking to transfer my lease to someone because I am studying abroad in the spring. If you are interested you can give me a call at 817-319-1309. It’s in 3 room unit at gateway apartments and it’s really close to campus, right on the bus route. Also there is another room available there if he has a friend he wants to room with.

      Reply to this comment
    • Joseph
      Joseph October 14, 18:58

      If your student is need of a room, he should visit the Housing office in Crumley Hall to see if there are any vacancies or spaces available at this point in the semester. Williams said in his search for an apartment, he was told many in Denton were at 95 percent capacity.

      The whole quote about how Williams “didn’t get any personal email or call of any kind of helpful information” from Housing is ridiculous. If anyone was actually seeking housing, they’d just walk into the Housing office…

      Reply to this comment
  4. Theta Chi
    Theta Chi October 14, 16:40


    Reply to this comment
  5. Otter
    Otter October 16, 10:27

    PHI SIGMA KAPPA, Midwestern St. University

    Hang in there, my brothers. You have just been steamrollered by a bunch of jealous, pinheaded geeks seeking retribution for not having possessed the coolness to be rushed when they were eligible.

    You should have had your National’s attorneys represent you in your tribulations with UNT. It’s Greek policy to denounce hazing, across-the-board. Two brothers cannot, by definition, haze one-another. You were railroaded and now you’re homeless–all apparently by hearsay and collusion.

    We commiserate with you and offer our humble fraternity house for your convenience at any time.

    Reply to this comment

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