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Please, baby, no more parties in D.C.

Please, baby, no more parties in D.C.

Please, baby, no more parties in D.C.
October 26
12:37 2016

By The Editorial Board

Early voting began Monday, and quite a bit is at stake for Republicans and Democrats. While a majority of Americans are pulling out all of the stops for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, there is still a subculture of people who identify with Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

The current third party candidates, Stein and Johnson, however, exercise just as much idiocy as their blue and red counterparts. Whether it was Johnson asking “What is Aleppo?” without an awareness of its Syrian location, or Stein calling for an easy deletion of all student loan debt, it’s not hard to see why third parties have the lowest polling results every time an election takes place.

The chances of even having a third party president are invariably slim, mostly because the person and their vice presidential candidate would need 270 electoral votes to win over the Electoral College. And neither Johnson nor Stein are currently raking in the numbers to prove otherwise.

As a matter of fact, these weird and surreal politics have made others wonder about the state of third parties once this election ends.

But for right now, nothing is going to change. The main purpose of third parties is to give voters a “proper say” who do not affiliate with Democrats or Republicans.

The Libertarian Party is necessary as it promotes civil liberties and laissez-faire (or free enterprise) economics, both of which are reasonable contrasts against the far-too-conservative U.S. Congress.

The Green Party is further notable since they’re not only anti-war but are major proponents for ecological politics and progressivism; the latter being the key cause that millennials have rallied for ever since the 2008 presidential election.

While it’s understandable to dislike Johnson or Stein, it’s also obligatory for every American to see why they’re in the running to begin with. We are the land of the free after all.

While libertarian and green politicos aren’t wasting their votes, the current percentages fail to do either party much justice. In several election forecasts, Johnson is accounting for about 5 to 10 percent of national votes while Stein has roughly 2 percent.

Be that as it may, third parties only appear to garner publicity during elections, fighting their battles behind the scenes during every presidential period. Their consistently low voter turnouts are routine as a result. In fact, only five other third party candidates have earned more than 5 percent in national polls since 1936, according to data from Gallup.

Unless liberals and conservatives can somehow lose their legislative and executive grips, they will always be in charge of our political system.

Despite what our titular Kanye West gag suggests, we’re not saying third parties should ever end. Quite the contrary, they fulfill demographics who rightfully deserve electoral representation. If nothing else, the gag functions as a sentiment so many Americans share, but haven’t taken the time to actually think about.

Third parties will continue to be essential in U.S. politics, even if they only speak up every four years.

Featured Illustration: Samuel Wiggins

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Preston Mitchell

Preston Mitchell

Preston served as the Opinion Editor of the North Texas Daily from July 2016 to July 2017, and is a UNT graduate of integrative studies.

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