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Practice some patience before posting spoilers

Practice some patience before posting spoilers

Practice some patience before posting spoilers
July 18
14:04 2018

There is an epidemic in this day and age, and a bad one.

You have seen them, I am sure of it. I know I have encountered them far too much. It is a pestilence that needs to be stopped before something drastic is ruined by someone’s negligence. This column doesn’t even need a title because I’m sure you have already guessed the horrific epidemic I’m talking about.


Yep, you guessed right. I bet you are as uncomfortably familiar with them as I am, so I’ll spare you the explanation.

The number of times people have spoiled some piece of entertainment for me is downright disrespectful. “Game Of Thrones,” “American Horror Story,” the film “Logan” and most recently “The Incredibles 2” have all been spoiled for me by some person on social media who decided to ruin a surprise for many people who have not experienced it for themselves yet.

These examples are just a few of the many things I’ve seen spoilers about. In reality, I see spoilers on social media multiple times every day. Movies, books and shows I don’t even keep up with and am not remotely interested in have been spoiled for me. Thankfully, I wasn’t invested in those specific things so I didn’t care, but there are thousands of other people who are and people spoiled them without a second thought.

It is time to stop spreading spoilers, especially if the thing just came out and even after its been out for a month or two. Not everyone can go watch, play or read the newest releases as soon as they are out. People are busy and have lives, so we have to allow them some time before we start carelessly talking about vital plot information or reality show elimination outcomes. If people really want to experience something, they are going to do it. Why not let them enjoy it when they have the time?

Delete that Tweet, Instagram caption or Facebook status you typed up exposing whatever secret lays hiding in the movie, TV show, video game or book you just consumed, because there are thousands of other people out there who have not yet experienced it themselves. It baffles me how spoilers are such an issue when respecting this practice of waiting a while is not at all difficult.

I understand the concept of staying off social media until you have experienced the media for yourself, but the whole point is that we should not have to do that. I want to be able to scroll through Twitter or Instagram safely without the risk of having something I haven’t experienced ruined. Twitter has a mute option which lets users mute certain words or phrases so they will not show up on their timeline, but sometimes it is still not enough. Even if the Twitter mute feature works for you, it still leaves Facebook, Instagram and other platforms wide open for spoiler territory.

We should not have to intentionally fend off these bits of information, we should agree to just not publicly speak on them for a solid amount of time.

Appropriate wait times for speaking on new releases differs depending on the medium. For films, wait until they get released on DVD before you start dropping major spoiler bombs. On average it takes about three months for movies to be released onto DVD from theaters. So for TV shows, video games and books, I suggest waiting three months or so before divulging spoilers from those mediums.

I really don’t think this is too much to ask, especially considering how great it is to experience the surprises present in all forms of entertainment on your own terms. Let’s end the spoiler epidemic. I think we can all agree on how much better it would be if we got to experience all entertainment mediums in full and never saw another spoiler again.

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