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Pro-Confederate man says he won’t return to Denton after ‘pathetic’ event Saturday

Pro-Confederate man says he won’t return to Denton after ‘pathetic’ event Saturday

August 27
16:08 2017

Billy Sessions, a member of the pro-Confederate group the Hiwaymen and one of about 15 people present at an event supporting the Denton Square Confederate monument on Saturday, said in a Facebook video he does not plan to come back to Denton.

In a video posted around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Sessions called attendance at the event “embarrassing” and said it “was the most pathetic event I’ve ever been to.”

The video, which now has nearly 10,000 views, was posted on a Facebook page called Patriot Media, which describes itself as a “modern take on current events and political issues. Providing live streams of events and analysis.” It showed a discouraged Sessions questioning his participation in a movement for which, he said, he has made many sacrifices while others have done nothing.

Sessions emphasized lack of effort and attendance from his supporters in the 32-minute video. He told viewers the counter protesters were not paid as some might think, but simply believed in their cause.

“We’re saving the youth from their own ignorant selves,” Sessions said in the video.

Sessions also said he did not respect the police officers of Denton because they did not stop counter protesters from “harassing” his group, which he said included following the group to their cars and vulgar statements.

Sessions said one officer told the Hiwaymen they should leave because there were two busloads of armed counter-protesters coming, a statement he questioned in the video.

Bryan Cose, public information officer at the Denton County Police Department, said he could not confirm such a statement had been made by an officer.

“To my knowledge, we didn’t have any intelligence telling us that there were two busloads of people coming,” Cose said.

Sessions ended his video with a call to action to his supporters, encouraging them to show up at events or donate to the cause.

“We’re losing all of our rights and sh*t, and our history and our heritage,” Sessions said. “If you believe in it enough, you’ll start making a few sacrifices.”

Featured Image: Protestors demonstrate on the Denton Square. Vaughan Holmes

After 830miles in 19hrs I'm home

Posted by Patriot Media on Saturday, August 26, 2017

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  1. Lexrst
    Lexrst August 28, 07:11

    Good riddance… morons.

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  2. Joe Bob
    Joe Bob August 28, 12:48

    Great follow-up article on this event! Personally I don’t feel too bad for the guy that our city residents weren’t interested in what he had to say. But it’s nice to see that the two sides could face off against each other without it devolving into absolute chaos. It’s a difficult issue to discuss without either side jumping to one extreme, but it’s imperative we continue listening to each other, even if we don’t like what the other side has to say. The UNITED States of America means that we live together in peace, and accept each other despite our differences – sometimes we seem to forget this.

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  3. David
    David August 28, 20:38

    So the Pro Confederates come from out of State. They left with no Support for Their Cause. Our Local folks are not White Supremacists nor Pro Confederate. We just want history respected and leave the Confederate Soldier Memorial at rest. #movethemonument

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  4. Questioning
    Questioning September 01, 14:34

    Why are liberals so intolerant of others’ opinions and views, and so hateful? And I doubt the group was “pro-Conferate,” which is liberal bias. It was probably “pro-preserving history,” not pretending it doesn’t exist by destroying monuments.

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