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Raunchy Snapchat account gains attention

Raunchy Snapchat account gains attention

February 18
00:50 2016

Tiffany Ditto | Staff Writer


UNT may mean green, but do they mean f—king green?

He sits calmly in the University Union using his iPhone 5c to upload a Snapchat video of a UNT student snorting cocaine off another.

“Yep, just another Tuesday,” he says.

Only a handful of friends know his secret: he’s the operator of one of the most popular Snapchat accounts viewed by students at UNT. He didn’t want to give his name, because the nature of this project, he said, places a target on his back.

The Mean F—king Green account’s stories get more than 6,000 views a day, and often feature students doing drugs or having sex. Students send in videos and photos that are then reposted to the account, which can be viewed via its Snapchat story.

“Mostly it’s random,” he said. “On Sundays I don’t post penises because that’s my day off from penises.”

According to the account owner, he relies heavily on contributors to ensure that everyone featured on the page is at least 18 and they know they are being filmed.

“I try not to make it too porn-y,” he said. “There’s more than that on there but some people just want to see that stuff. There are some perverted people that send me stuff.”

While the MFG account itself isn’t illegal, Snapchat’s terms of use state “you will not use third-party applications that interact with other user’s content” and “you will not post content that contains pornography,” both of which the MFG account violate every day.

“If it was somebody recorded, whether having sex, or something personal of their selves and had that stuff put on Snapchat without their consent then we’re talking about a state jail felony charge,” UNT community relations officer Kevin Crawford said. “The issue is in what’s being displayed. Having the account exist is not illegal.”

Crawford said that if a minor were seen in a pornographic way on the page, both the minor and the account owner would have committed a felony. The account owner said there was a time when a photo of a nude minor was uploaded to the account’s story.

But the account owner is not worried about the police doing anything.

“As a warning the cops do follow the account, but they’re not going to do anything to me,” he said.

UNT police said they could potentially use the videos as a reason to obtain a search warrant. For now, Crawford said, they will continue to monitor the account and make sure no one is in danger.

“There was one girl who was 14-years-old on the snap, someone messaged me about that, and I confronted her about that,” the account owner said. “But, people are good Samaritans and they tell me about it.”

The account was first created last May by another student. The current owner said they got tired of running it six days after creating it, so they turned it over to him.  He had “nothing better to do,” and happily took it on.

“I thought it would be fun,” he said.

He said that upon gaining access to the account, he changed the password so that only he would be able to post to it. 

“I’m the only person [that can access it], because my fear is that if someone else took over they could be greedy and I could lose access to it,” he said. “I’m kind of possessive over it. With this type of thing people could get greedy and exploit it. Seriously, there are people who would exploit it and blackmail people.”

Students across campus contribute to the account by sending MFG videos through a third-party app called Sneakaboo. The account gets thousands of video and photo submissions daily.

Sometimes the videos that appear on the account are graphic, but he feels he has to post them because that’s what the people want.

“I think it’s funny,” business sophomore Danny McClendon said. “I would say [MFG] shows the diversity of UNT.”

McClendon added that he once saw his brother on MFG breaking a guitar against a tree.

Other students don’t share McClendon’s sentiment.

“Every time I see something it has a negative connotation,” accounting junior Desirae Hardy said. “It’s usually dealing with sex and drugs.”

Even the account owner’s mother knows about the account.

“[My mom] keeps referring to it as a porno site,” he said. “She wasn’t happy about the stuff that was on there, but what can she do about it? Nothing.”

Because MFG content violates Snapchat’s terms of use, the account owner knows it could be taken down, but he’s not worried about it.

“I can just make another one,” he said.

Featured Image: Owner of the Mean F—ing Green Snapchat account looks at the app between classes. Hannah Ridings | Senior Staff Photographer

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  1. Snapchat is for Lames
    Snapchat is for Lames February 18, 13:28

    “There was one girl who was 14-years-old on the snap, someone messaged me about that, and I confronted her about that,” the account owner said. “But, people are good Samaritans and they tell me about it.”
    What a dumb f*ck….. relying on “good Samaritans” to keep you protected from the law? The fact that your momma couldn’t convince you not to play host to that dumb s*it shows about how smart you are. This school really needs to increase it’s admission standards. This guy is going to enjoy a life of disappointment having peaked whilst he “controlled” a stupid as$ snapchat account. Sounds like a prime candidate to get his as$ kicked

    Reply to this comment
  2. Windsurfer
    Windsurfer February 19, 21:01

    Watch this. Snapchat doesn’t delete your stuff.

    Reply to this comment
  3. drjim1234
    drjim1234 February 12, 00:28

    Protected free press!

    Reply to this comment

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